Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Twilight Zone....

At one time I had 3 toddlers that refused to eat bread crusts. I had to cut them off every sandwich or they didn't eat. And believe me there was a time in my life that peanut butter and jelly (no jelly for K80 mind you!) was a staple at our kitchen table. I recall at least once in my mothering of toddler time period that there was a major meltdown about bread crusts and the world would end if it any portion was left on their sandwiches.
Just last week, my daughter asked for peanut butter toast for breakfast. Apologizing I said I needed to get to the commissary, and I gently informed her the only bread that was left were 'bread butts'. During the next 15 seconds the earth tilted on it's axis, pigs flew, a snow ball was discovered in hell and my heart skipped several beats, my eyes rolled to the back on my head and I caught myself just before I fell to the floor; as she cheerfully replies "I'll take them, I love bread butts!" The entire world stopped for a moment of silence, people thought it was an earth quake. Nope, it was so much more than that; another strange scientific phenomenon that cannot be explained.

My stinkin' kids now eat bread butts and bread crusts. When did this happen, what suddenly changed, am I going loony? Things like this just don't happen.... or do they?

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