Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fairy Tale Romance

When I arrived home today in my inbox was this...

“Once upon a time, in a land far away…”

It’s how most Fairy Tales Start.

There’s a princess, a castle, a knight or a dragon,

and some important matter of the heart.

Then along the way, there’s a witch with some poison,

a greedy relative or “friend” with a plot.

There is pain, there is loss, effort and struggle,

as our heroin is overcome and distraught.

Now somewhere in there a hero emerges

with 7 little dwarfs by his side.

He may have a steed, or dragon or donkey,

but he arrives right on time, in full stride.

With a sword at his side and a kiss at the ready

he’s prepared all his life for this chapter.

With effortless motions he scoops up the princess,

and they ride away, “happily ever after.”

In many ways our marriage parallels

the aforementioned writ and prose.

We’ve had our pain and loss, our effort and struggle,

and always come out smelling like a rose.

Our roles switch around concerning who rescues whom

or who sweeps the other off their feet.

Our times apart are our biggest trials,

but our reunions are always sweet.

Our “little dwarfs” play their roles with their own attitudes

singing and “whistling while they work.

Sometimes their happy, or grumpy, or dopey

but they’re always quick with a smirk.

We don’t need to have a Fairy Tale life

or to have a life filled with laughter.

I only need you with your love and affection

to make me completely happy ever after.

Then the doorbell rang and I got these...

The flowers are so tall, incredibly beautiful. Don't ya just love that kitchen floor?!

I am so happy our lives are not the typical fairy tale, but it's our tale and it's amazing. I truly never dreamt life could ever be this wonderful. I am married to my very best friend, what more could a girl ask for?

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