Sunday, January 29, 2012

Order of the Arrow

Exciting News!

Both boys were "called out" Saturday at the Klondike Derby for the selection of the Order of the Arrow. It's a HUGE Deal in Scouting. Only 1/7 of all Boy Scouts are member of the OA. They have to go through an 'ordeal' to be inducted. If you'd like more info on what OA is click here!

I'm pretty stinkin' proud of those boys of mine!

Sorry Mom!

Mom... I'm so very sorry for the incredible stink I brought into the house from camping, soccer and just playing outside. I am jealous that you had (have) a basement to send us smelly kids into to change and remove horrid smelling clothes. Please forgive me...!

Karma smells bad in my house today. The boys just got home from the Klondike Derby. The great news is their troop took first place. The bad news is... I have to clean up after it. It's piled high in my dining room (aka mudroom apparently!) Oh the Laundry!

4 loads of laundry from 2 boys on 36 hour camping trip. How is that possible you might ask? Everything must be washed, 2 pair of shoes, 6 pair of socks (I don't think they are all ours since Seth admitted he wore the same pair the entire weekend!), 2 shorts, 3 shirts, 5 troop sweatshirts (only 2 are ours!) 3 pairs of long pants, 2 rain jackets, 2 sets of Class A Scout Uniforms (covered in mud) and sadly I found no underwear in the mix. Apparently is was also commando weekend!

Praise God for Tide! Let the washings begin!

It's a beautiful day so now all 3 kids are outside getting smelly again...calgon take me away!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best Advice Ever!

For the past 7 months I've been blogging, okay lets face it COMPLAINING, about my hot flashes and night sweats! If you've paid close attention I've not written anything about that on here or on FaceBook for a couple of weeks. I've been testing a theory.

What theory you might ask? Well, my incredibly awesome and very sweet Aunt Kathe sent me an email with a lifesaving tip. Yep, I said lifesaving because my poor children were fast becoming Popsicles and Angry Little Birds! My VAPORS were over taking my world and I was getting more and more miserable. Still guessing what the tip was... she discovered by trial and error during her season of the vapors that whenever she ate carbs her hot flashes and night sweats increased dramatically. But when she wasn't eating them or ate them in extremely low quantities they just about disappeared.

I've done some research... I found very little info online and I did speak with my doctors. They had never heard of such a thing and told me I should NOT cut out an entire food group because it wasn't healthy. Well gosh darn, at this point menopause isn't healthy for me because I'm driving my family insane and soon we'll be have frequent flier miles at the mental health clinic!

So I've taken the challenge. I've reduced carbs to almost nada zip nothing for 10 days. I think I experienced the best sleep ever AND only had maybe one hot flash during the day that entire trial period. I kept going, I added in some carbs here and there. Wouldn'tcha know... "Oh My... I feel the Vapors coming on again!"

OPPS NOPE, not happening again. I've cut as many carbs out of my way of life (because it's not a diet) as humanly possible. Do I still enjoy a tiny piece of crumb top apple pie? You bet, but it's limited. Do I have a tasty double chocolate brownie... ummm yes! I'd rather have those ubber yummy carbs than some chips, popcorn or even bread. Don't get me wrong I love me some bread. But is that sandwich worth my misery. Absolutely NOT!

So Thank You Aunt Kathe for sharing your experience. It works wonders. It's my mission to share that tip with every vapor ridden women of the world!

BTW: I also quit ALL sleep-aides the day I returned from Hawaii in December. It's been over a month now since I've taken anything (twice I took Benadryl but I had an allergic reaction to something with hives from head to toe, but that was only twice!) So I'm sleeping on my own without any assistance. It feels GREAT!

BAHHAAHHAAA... I just noticed that the cartoon has the same name as my Aunt. Too Funny!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My First 5K

Sunday I ran/walked in my first 5K. I thought about doing the couch to 5K program and then my friend told me to go big or go home. So I went big. Without training, just motivation I did it. And I had every reason to not get up in the am to do it. It was raining, it was cold. I was up past 11:30 the night before. I was having hot flashes, I was just plain TIRED. I told myself and the kids we were gonna do it.

And do it we did. The kids were less than thrilled with me, but hey if mama's gonna do it so are you! We had fun and even the boys will admit that. It was hard as heck, I was the last one across the finish line but I still beat my goal time by almost a 1 1/2 minutes.

Saturday was a GREAT day, Sunday was better and today... MONDAY I'm on my way out the door for another run!


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Only in a military home can you hear a Severe Southern accent, followed by a ESL Japanese Accent (English as a second language), Yankee Speak, and of course a favorite... a Boston accent ALL at one time. As I sit at the computer the kids have friends over who are on FaceTime with other friends right here on the island. Yes I said on the island, just down the street or across the base.

It amazes me the diversity we have in our lives. You have to really listen to people. Hear not only the words that they are saying but also their heart or you could be in a lot of trouble or deeply offended.

It's not just about ToMAYto or ToMAto, Water or WARTER, Naked or Nekid, or my favorite Wash or Warsh! Many words don't translate well, the kids (and I) over the years have really had to listen to others to hear their intended message.

For example take a look at these sales signs. (I'm sorry if this sign shocks you, but I had no other way to prove my point than to share this!) This didn't translate well. But it's ALL over Japan. It is in a large chain store advertising their New Year's Sale. Good thing my kids can read right! Try explaining that one. I'm truly not sure what word in the English language they were going for, but I do think they got their point across. The education of living overseas never ends.

The End.