Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best Advice Ever!

For the past 7 months I've been blogging, okay lets face it COMPLAINING, about my hot flashes and night sweats! If you've paid close attention I've not written anything about that on here or on FaceBook for a couple of weeks. I've been testing a theory.

What theory you might ask? Well, my incredibly awesome and very sweet Aunt Kathe sent me an email with a lifesaving tip. Yep, I said lifesaving because my poor children were fast becoming Popsicles and Angry Little Birds! My VAPORS were over taking my world and I was getting more and more miserable. Still guessing what the tip was... she discovered by trial and error during her season of the vapors that whenever she ate carbs her hot flashes and night sweats increased dramatically. But when she wasn't eating them or ate them in extremely low quantities they just about disappeared.

I've done some research... I found very little info online and I did speak with my doctors. They had never heard of such a thing and told me I should NOT cut out an entire food group because it wasn't healthy. Well gosh darn, at this point menopause isn't healthy for me because I'm driving my family insane and soon we'll be have frequent flier miles at the mental health clinic!

So I've taken the challenge. I've reduced carbs to almost nada zip nothing for 10 days. I think I experienced the best sleep ever AND only had maybe one hot flash during the day that entire trial period. I kept going, I added in some carbs here and there. Wouldn'tcha know... "Oh My... I feel the Vapors coming on again!"

OPPS NOPE, not happening again. I've cut as many carbs out of my way of life (because it's not a diet) as humanly possible. Do I still enjoy a tiny piece of crumb top apple pie? You bet, but it's limited. Do I have a tasty double chocolate brownie... ummm yes! I'd rather have those ubber yummy carbs than some chips, popcorn or even bread. Don't get me wrong I love me some bread. But is that sandwich worth my misery. Absolutely NOT!

So Thank You Aunt Kathe for sharing your experience. It works wonders. It's my mission to share that tip with every vapor ridden women of the world!

BTW: I also quit ALL sleep-aides the day I returned from Hawaii in December. It's been over a month now since I've taken anything (twice I took Benadryl but I had an allergic reaction to something with hives from head to toe, but that was only twice!) So I'm sleeping on my own without any assistance. It feels GREAT!

BAHHAAHHAAA... I just noticed that the cartoon has the same name as my Aunt. Too Funny!

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