Thursday, January 5, 2012


Only in a military home can you hear a Severe Southern accent, followed by a ESL Japanese Accent (English as a second language), Yankee Speak, and of course a favorite... a Boston accent ALL at one time. As I sit at the computer the kids have friends over who are on FaceTime with other friends right here on the island. Yes I said on the island, just down the street or across the base.

It amazes me the diversity we have in our lives. You have to really listen to people. Hear not only the words that they are saying but also their heart or you could be in a lot of trouble or deeply offended.

It's not just about ToMAYto or ToMAto, Water or WARTER, Naked or Nekid, or my favorite Wash or Warsh! Many words don't translate well, the kids (and I) over the years have really had to listen to others to hear their intended message.

For example take a look at these sales signs. (I'm sorry if this sign shocks you, but I had no other way to prove my point than to share this!) This didn't translate well. But it's ALL over Japan. It is in a large chain store advertising their New Year's Sale. Good thing my kids can read right! Try explaining that one. I'm truly not sure what word in the English language they were going for, but I do think they got their point across. The education of living overseas never ends.

The End.

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Scrappy said...

You totally made me LOL! Seriously, I am sitting her with my hand over my mouth cracking up. THat is so funny! :-)