Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week

I was talking with my mom the other day about this week, Holy Week. I was sharing how different it seems from when I was younger. I feel as though so many churches have forgotten the significance of what this week means for us as Christians. So much more "pomp and circumstance" over Christmas but not much for this week. The most important and world changing week in the history of the world and it just seems to be celebrated as a regular week.

I've been looking back a lot lately on my childhood. I've been richly blessed as a Christian. I have been fortunate to learn, see and experience the religious practices, ceremonies and customs of several different Christian and Catholic churches. I remember learning the Stations of the Cross at St. Joseph's, the Advent wreath at East Side, the invitation to become a Christian after each service at the Baptist camp. Each church, each denomination, every service I've ever attended has carried with me, has changed me and shaped me into my unwavering faith I have today. Has everything always made sense, no. But looking back and putting the pieces of the puzzle (my life) together I understand so much more. I have a broader richer understanding of who Christ is and my relationship with Him.

Tonight I took our 3 children, Mark was at work, to the Last Supper play at our church, Koza Baptist. This was by far the most interesting, informative and captivating portrayal of the Last Supper I've ever seen. After the service was over we were walking out almost to the outer doors of the church and Seth turns to me and says...

"I want that Mom."

I reply, "You want what Seth?"

"I want that peace, that everlasting life!" His eyes were all red; he was fighting back tears. He was nervously shaking.

Trying not to overwhelm him, we talked for a moment. I encouraged him to go talk to Pastor Tim (our music minister). So we did. Seth accepted Christ as his Savior tonight. He looked so grown up talking privately with Pastor Tim. His outward appearance changed tonight. Riding in the car home he had a sense of purpose, of strength I've never seen in him. I'm overwhelmed ... with joy.

Why am I sharing all of this with you. It was all about the play. The play stirred something inside Seth's soul. It spoke to him. He's heard about Christ and God his whole life. But tonight it was different, it was for him. I know that we are called by God, but someone has to share the information about Christ with you. Tonight's play spoke to Seth in a way that nothing else had. I'm blessed, God had a reason for us to be in church tonight. I knew all week there was a reason I wanted to share Maundy Thursday services with my children. I wasn't sure why, but I knew it was more important this year. Maybe because they are getting older and can really understand the significance of this week. Or maybe because I too am longing for more in my walk with Him. I want my children to have what I have, a personal relationship with my God in Heaven, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace. I'm so glad I was obedient to God and went to services. Thank you Lord for making me a vessel for you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Twin talk... Real or Not?

This video has swept through the internet and even made it on national TV. If you are the one in a million who hasn't seen it take a minute to watch this!

What you can hear in this video is called twin language. It's somewhat common amongst twins. This video could easily be of Caleb and Seth! I'd post my own videos of my boys if I had them here in Okinawa. We didn't bring our home videos with us so you'll have to just trust me that it's true! It's hard to believe and accept that the boys seen in this video actual understand each other. Just as we couldn't believe Caleb and Seth understood each other, but they did.

So sit back, watch the video again and take a glimpse into the homes all across the globe that raise beautiful beautiful twins. For let me tell you, it's a ride of a lifetime and each day gets better and better!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hard to believe but it's true...

So you're asking yourselves, what's 'The WOW Factor'? It's when you write something on your blog share it with others and they freak out. Yep, freak out, post crazy comments, one up you, belittle you, and are what we call UGLY in our house. I never intentionally set out to write anything worthy of the WOW factor on my blog or anywhere else, but it happened. And I am certain or at least hopeful that it will indeed happen again!

When it first happened I kept asking myself... What should I do? I must have asked Mark this question a dozen times. I did take his advice and I did nothing. I didn't write a rebuttal or comment on other's comments. I kept quiet; and you know what... other people defended my heart. People who don't know me, saw my heart and stood up for me.

For all of you out there who are willing to see the heart of others

and support them I thank you.

Anyone wonder which one of my blog posts caused such a ruckus?

I'd love to read your comments.

I want to hear what you have to say so don't give it to me soft give it to me straight! I can handle it and I always know someone out there's got my back!

A conversation worth sharing...

Today was a wonderful day; it was raining all day! We spent it couped up in our home watching movies, eating popcorn and simply relaxing. I loved every minute of it. So here's a conversation Caleb and I had watching Tron. We are sitting on the sofa together cuddled close. I lean over and say...
Me: "Caleb, you're a really cute kid!"

Caleb replies: "I know!"

That was the end of our very special conversation. So happy he's got confidence.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Allergies Again!

Can babies be allergic to diapers? YES!!!! Most people didn't believe me when my sweet little babies were so tiny, but yes in deed you can be allergic to the materials made in diapers. So many honest caring people tried to convince me that it was just diaper rash. But it wasn't. It was a full blown allergic reaction to the brand of diapers I was using.I noticed my boys would scream and I don't mean a little whimper. I am talking BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM every time they'd pee. Once the Pampers diaper got the slightest bit wet they'd go bananas. I switched to Huggies and with the first tinkle they were content. Interestingly enough, when Katie was born I ran out and bought Huggies. I didn't want to put my little girl through the same thing. Low and behold... she was allergic to Huggies and could only wear Pampers! I thought maybe it was a boy/girl thing not sure, but have you ever noticed that they change the way the make diapers ALL the time. They are always coming out with a new absorbant diaper, less leaking, better comfort etc... Those slight changes can be major on your little one's bottoms. So if your baby's hiney hurts try another diaper for a while!

Now leap forward 12 years. This week we've experienced something rather odd in our home all over again. No one is back in diapers in our house; so get those thoughts out of your head. But we have discovered an allergy to toilet paper! I purchased Cottonelle a few weeks back when it was on sale, stupid coupon. I didn't think much about it until we started using it. I've gotten complaints ranging from it hurts to "pieces being left behind". Gotta love the commercial for Charmin with the cute bear family that literally spell it out for you! Sadly, this was no joke and was getting quite serious very quickly. Luckily for me I had a new 'case' of our normal brand of toilet paper, Charmin, upstairs. I switched out the rolls throughout the house and within days our bottoms are returning to normal.

After some research I discovered that Cottonelle brightens their toilet paper to a pure clean white with ... you guessed it CHLORINE. It's a nasty nasty chemical that can interrupt your life in very unexpected ways.

Another Giveaway at The Vintage Pearl!

The Vintage Pearl is giving away another beautiful piece. My favorite is "Our Family Nest" and "Come Fly w/ Me". I truly cannot decide if I won which piece I would want to receive. So you tell me, which of these two would look best on me? Our Family Nest?
Come Fly w/ Me?

So tell me, which one...? This would make a beautiful Mother's Day gift for all you men out there who have no idea what to get your mom or the mother of your beautiful children!

(did you get the hint?)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random happenings and thoughts...

Sorry there are no pictures today. I've been working on a few blog posting but haven't finished any of them. I honestly can't say I am too busy, but I can honestly say I haven't had much time either. If you are a mom you get it if not .... moving onward. I am having a little problem and I am not sure how to handle it. You see every morning I pray for the kids before they leave the house for school. I've done this since they were wee little ones going to VBS, MOPPETS and even speech class. Lately I've been having trouble concentrating on my prayers for the kids. Usually we are at the door they are gathering up their items and as we are doing that I pray. It's never very long and it's always positive. I don't say things like...

Dear Lord, please help Caleb and Seth with their science test today. We forgot to study more last night and if you would whisper the answers to them I'd greatly appreciate it. Without your help they are prepared to bomb this test. Thank you Lord for your grace, in Jesus name... Amen


Father in Heaven, thank you for K80. Thank you that she wears funky socks, loves to drive her mother insane and keeps a messy room because that is how she's bent. Father please help her remember today to clean up after her snack so her class can continue to have snacks this month. And one more thing, give her peace today as she speaks to the school and parents at the assembly. Help her to remember her speech, to speak slowly and keep her head up and shoulders tall. Thank you Jesus for this crazy girl we call K80. In Jesus Name, Amen.

I've been tempted to say these prayers and sometimes I admit under my breath and in my heart I say prayers like this, but never out loud or in ear shot of my wee little ones. It doesn't set the best example of the relationship I want my children to have with the King of kings and Lord of lords. So... I guess I pray a normal mom's prayer on their way out the door. I do make them personal about things happening in their lives and events about that day.

Here's my issue -- I get distracted very very distracted and interrupt my prayer to address it. I've learned lately that if I don't address it at that moment I'll forget it and it'll never happen. By the way, this all started the day I turned 40 (it's only been 54 days).

Allow me to preface this with I ask my children to wear their pants twice unless they are visually dirty. Pants can be worn twice right... and it sure saves me some laundry time.

Here is a prime example of my daily morning prayer time. This morning as I am praying I see Seth has blood stains on his pants. See yesterday he was trying to pull a tooth out and you know the best napkin is always your pants! Then I notice this; Caleb is wearing the same shirt Seth wore yesterday. Which doesn't shock me because we have lots of duplicate shirts. I knew for sure it was Seth's shirt from the day before because low and behold there were blood stains on the right sleeve from when Seth used his shirt to dab the blood from his lost tooth. So on our way out the door as I am praying for my sweet sweet young men I send them upstairs to change.

So I guess my big question is... Does God understand, embrace, accept and feel honored by the sporadic crazy prayers from a 40 year old mother of twin tween boys and a spunky 10 year old girl?

That was my was yours?

BTW: the Tooth Fairy forgot to come last night. Thank goodness he's okay with me handing him some cash!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

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