Saturday, April 9, 2011

Allergies Again!

Can babies be allergic to diapers? YES!!!! Most people didn't believe me when my sweet little babies were so tiny, but yes in deed you can be allergic to the materials made in diapers. So many honest caring people tried to convince me that it was just diaper rash. But it wasn't. It was a full blown allergic reaction to the brand of diapers I was using.I noticed my boys would scream and I don't mean a little whimper. I am talking BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM every time they'd pee. Once the Pampers diaper got the slightest bit wet they'd go bananas. I switched to Huggies and with the first tinkle they were content. Interestingly enough, when Katie was born I ran out and bought Huggies. I didn't want to put my little girl through the same thing. Low and behold... she was allergic to Huggies and could only wear Pampers! I thought maybe it was a boy/girl thing not sure, but have you ever noticed that they change the way the make diapers ALL the time. They are always coming out with a new absorbant diaper, less leaking, better comfort etc... Those slight changes can be major on your little one's bottoms. So if your baby's hiney hurts try another diaper for a while!

Now leap forward 12 years. This week we've experienced something rather odd in our home all over again. No one is back in diapers in our house; so get those thoughts out of your head. But we have discovered an allergy to toilet paper! I purchased Cottonelle a few weeks back when it was on sale, stupid coupon. I didn't think much about it until we started using it. I've gotten complaints ranging from it hurts to "pieces being left behind". Gotta love the commercial for Charmin with the cute bear family that literally spell it out for you! Sadly, this was no joke and was getting quite serious very quickly. Luckily for me I had a new 'case' of our normal brand of toilet paper, Charmin, upstairs. I switched out the rolls throughout the house and within days our bottoms are returning to normal.

After some research I discovered that Cottonelle brightens their toilet paper to a pure clean white with ... you guessed it CHLORINE. It's a nasty nasty chemical that can interrupt your life in very unexpected ways.

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Anonymous said...

Ummmmm....are you my long lost twin? Once again, I felt like I was reading a chapter from my life! My babies not only had an allergy with diapers, but with wipes too! I had to make my own baby wipes for all of them. Basically I took a papertowel roll, cut it in half, removed the cardborad and placed it in a circle type rubber maid container. I then poured fragrance free baby wash (2 Tblsp), generic baby oil (only thing that did not have anything other than oil in it -- 1 Tblsp.), and I 1 cup of boiling water very slowly over it. I then left the lid off for a few minutes to let the steam evaporate. I had to make a batch of these about every three days. We can not use any toliet paper that has any added ingredients, so Scotts is the best here, however I do use Charmin when I can afford it because it last longer. Oh and regarding which necklace on your last blog entry they are both adorable, but the second one is super duper cute.

From Scrappy

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