Monday, April 4, 2011

Random happenings and thoughts...

Sorry there are no pictures today. I've been working on a few blog posting but haven't finished any of them. I honestly can't say I am too busy, but I can honestly say I haven't had much time either. If you are a mom you get it if not .... moving onward. I am having a little problem and I am not sure how to handle it. You see every morning I pray for the kids before they leave the house for school. I've done this since they were wee little ones going to VBS, MOPPETS and even speech class. Lately I've been having trouble concentrating on my prayers for the kids. Usually we are at the door they are gathering up their items and as we are doing that I pray. It's never very long and it's always positive. I don't say things like...

Dear Lord, please help Caleb and Seth with their science test today. We forgot to study more last night and if you would whisper the answers to them I'd greatly appreciate it. Without your help they are prepared to bomb this test. Thank you Lord for your grace, in Jesus name... Amen


Father in Heaven, thank you for K80. Thank you that she wears funky socks, loves to drive her mother insane and keeps a messy room because that is how she's bent. Father please help her remember today to clean up after her snack so her class can continue to have snacks this month. And one more thing, give her peace today as she speaks to the school and parents at the assembly. Help her to remember her speech, to speak slowly and keep her head up and shoulders tall. Thank you Jesus for this crazy girl we call K80. In Jesus Name, Amen.

I've been tempted to say these prayers and sometimes I admit under my breath and in my heart I say prayers like this, but never out loud or in ear shot of my wee little ones. It doesn't set the best example of the relationship I want my children to have with the King of kings and Lord of lords. So... I guess I pray a normal mom's prayer on their way out the door. I do make them personal about things happening in their lives and events about that day.

Here's my issue -- I get distracted very very distracted and interrupt my prayer to address it. I've learned lately that if I don't address it at that moment I'll forget it and it'll never happen. By the way, this all started the day I turned 40 (it's only been 54 days).

Allow me to preface this with I ask my children to wear their pants twice unless they are visually dirty. Pants can be worn twice right... and it sure saves me some laundry time.

Here is a prime example of my daily morning prayer time. This morning as I am praying I see Seth has blood stains on his pants. See yesterday he was trying to pull a tooth out and you know the best napkin is always your pants! Then I notice this; Caleb is wearing the same shirt Seth wore yesterday. Which doesn't shock me because we have lots of duplicate shirts. I knew for sure it was Seth's shirt from the day before because low and behold there were blood stains on the right sleeve from when Seth used his shirt to dab the blood from his lost tooth. So on our way out the door as I am praying for my sweet sweet young men I send them upstairs to change.

So I guess my big question is... Does God understand, embrace, accept and feel honored by the sporadic crazy prayers from a 40 year old mother of twin tween boys and a spunky 10 year old girl?

That was my was yours?

BTW: the Tooth Fairy forgot to come last night. Thank goodness he's okay with me handing him some cash!

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Scrappy said...

I know completely what you are talking about. I just try to have a nonending conversation with God in my head. I also really like The Power of a Praying Parent. It helps me focus when I am having hard time praying. I set aside a month to do it and it really helps! Sometimes my prayers are just "God, may your will be done in my children and through them today. Amen" He gets it. He knows the rest.