Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Girl who gave up on the ball!

This is me, well I think I look like this!
I'm certain ya'll have heard my rant on FaceBook about this amazing dress that I ordered that came in so small Katie could wear it. I was too mad to think about being creative to alter the dress and I already spent money on that stupid perfect dress! I had told Mark that's it. I'm not going and if I am going I'm wearing the same stupid thing I've worn the past 5 years. He just rolled his eyes and said whatever. He don't care what I wear! (and Yes, I said it like that on purpose!)
So Saturday, right before the Super Typhoon was to appear I rushed to the Exchange along with the other 45,000 family members on a a payday weekend! I got what I went in there for... a few scrapbooking accessories! That's when I started seeing all these signs that talked about a 'Special Occasion Dress Sale' September 14-16! I told K80 I was scouting it out. I walked the women's section twice before I found this HUGE selection of dresses! It was 3 whomping racks of dresses! That was it, seriously a couple hundred to a thousand women will be attending a Birthday Ball within the next 90 days on the island and you only have 3 racks of dresses! What are these people thinking?
Then I saw it, it wasn't as beautiful as my dream dress, but it'll do!
 K80 hates the jacket! She says I look like an old lady in it. Mark said... "ummm she is old K80!" (Mark slept on the sofa that night!)
  Then I found these shoes today on Amazon for $14.99. w/ free shipping! I love a GREAT Bargain!
So everyone can now breathe easily... I've got a dress, shoes and possibly some jewelry to wear. (That I found at the Marine Gift Shop on island and paid next to nothing for!) I seriously scored this year! I wonder if I'll wear this outfit for another 5 Birthday Balls?
Yes, I would have loved to have worn the dream dress, but a bargain is hard to pass up! So thankful that God has bigger plans and ideas for me. Now only 73 days til the Ball!
(Yes I will practice walking in those shoes, especially since I only wear heals once per year. I wear them in to the ball, take my photo in them and kick them under the table the rest of the night! I will seriously try hard to impress my friend, Danielle, and wear them all night long!)