Saturday, August 1, 2009

The death of an old friend...

I am so sad to report the death of a very close and protective friend. I've had this friend for something like 27 years. He's been through the winds and the rain with me, never failing me... it's my rain suit. Many of you will remember me in my bright blue rain coat and pants set. One time I recall someone nicknaming me the new blue Gumby, "always flexible even in the rain." I got this lovely name probably from life-guarding in the pouring rain wearing my blue suit (with my Speedo underneath!)

We've had a lot of rain in North Carolina this summer (which is very unusual) and one Sunday, I pulled out my trusty rain suit so Mark could stay dry ushering at church. And NO we do not have an outdoor church but the men of the church do "fetch" cars and escort members to their vehicles on rainy days. We've had soooooo many rainy Sundays that Mark was tired of being soaked to the bone, and isn't it obvious that he would NOT be allowed to wear his all weather gear issued by the Corps. Yeah, not so much. So he pulled out my trusty rain suit... sadly it wasn't trusty anymore. He got just as wet wearing my jacket as if he hadn't worn anything at all. He threw it away... do you believe it? Don't worry he got the stink eye, the ugly eye and possibly even "the look!"

So many memories in that suit, I remember kissing a boy (I won't mention any names!) in the rain at camp wearing my Gumby suit. There was the time I built a fire in the pouring rain wearing my suit, gosh darn it if I didn't get that log cabin fire going too. And that time I fell in a hugely gigantically enormous mud puddle in my blue suit, my clothes stayed dry but I still wasn't allowed in the dining hall. And let us not forget the numerous times walking across campus in my blue suit headed to yet another class in the rain! I miss my blue suit. I think I'll buy another one... look what I found! Think they make it in my size? It's PINK! I love it, if I ever get to be a camp counselor again I am buying one... promise!

Good Bye Rain Suit... I'll miss you..... hello stupid umbrella that flies away in the wind!