Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I never thought I'd say... Part II

As you can imagine life around here is often well lets just say superbly interesting. Yesterday I jotted down things that I never thought I'd say or hear.... Can you guess what I've said and which I've heard? This was all yesterday!
  • You can rip your brother's head off after you're ready for school. Go brush your teeth.
  • It's a pop tart, just eat it! Don't pick it apart.
  • Your friend would appreciate it if you wore deodorant today.
  • I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball.
  • How to check your iron count... hold a magnet under your chin if it sticks your iron count is good.
  • (at the doctor's office) "Umm...why are they still here it's well after 4:00pm?"
  • "Because we forgot about them in the exam room!"
  • Caleb, rub it in! Do it now!
  • Rub it in more!
  • Where's my shoes... Oh on my feet!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Signs of Spring...

I took a walk around the yard this weekend and found many signs that spring is fast approaching, and believe me we are more than ready! First buds of spring...
Mark's doing yard work...
Our first dandelion...
It's blooming!
All of these pictures were taken with my new camera! It's so much fun to play with, and I really need to take another photography class, maybe this spring.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Talk about character

I do declare our DOD stickers have character!
Mark says that makes us "salty"... I like that better than what other's call us "OLD!"
And in a few days we'll be placing MSgt. chevrons next to the old!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Excperts from a letter

Excerpt of a letter from Mark to his grandfather, Jim Garvey (old Army veteran).

“While I was there in Al Asad, I sat and had chow w/ an 82nd Airborne Sgt. Major. When we discussed where we were from and a little about our family, he mentioned that his father was a Marine in Vietnam. I told him that you (speaking about his Grandfather) were in the 82nd. He gave me this patch from his right shoulder. He said he had worn it in both of his tours in Iraq and one to Afghanistan. He apologized that it was a little ragged. We laughed about it having character.”

What is character and how does something earn it? It's earned by the blood, the sweat and the toil put into it wearing it, earning it or simply having it. Above in the center is the patch from that Army Sgt. Major flanking each side are the coins Mark received while on his latest tour over there. On the left is the 2d Intel Bn Birthday Ball coin (obviously Mark was unable to attend this year's ball due to his deployment, good ole' Sgt. G picked it up for him). But I believe down the road it will remind him of a time spent away from his family and friends serving his country allowing his fellow Marines to celebrate another birthday of the Corps. On the right is the EPIC Multi National Forces-West coin, Mark can't (or won't) tell me in detail what it means but it's pretty important to him, and that's okay. I probably don't want to know about everything that happens when he's away.

When I think about these two men sitting at a table talking, I visualize old salty war vets crankin' out the war stories, and it brings a smile to my face. I may not ever know what all happened on his many deployments and adventures in the Marine Corps but I pray I never grow old and weary from hearing them. For these stories, these tales refined him, carved him and molded him into the man I love today, the same man I loved 17 years ago and the same man I will love for another 70 years. I long to grow old and hear of stories "back in my day..." and have a house full of things with character.

Random facts... or not?

Since I've recently turned 40 I thought I'd tell you 40 random facts about me... but is one a lie? Do you think they are all true... you tell me!

  1. I was born on my grandmother's birthday.
  2. I cannot eat bananas, the texture grosses me out.
  3. I dreamt of being 6 foot tall, I didn't make it.
  4. I do not wear an engagement ring.
  5. I once had a checker board tan.
  6. I have a scar over 12 inches long.
  7. My dream car is a 4 door Jeep w/ a removable hardtop!
  8. I now work for my kid’s first babysitter.
  9. My wedding dress was made by my grandmother.
  10. I fell out of the back of my dad's orange Volkswagen van when I was little, he kept driving.
  11. I pledged a sorority my junior year of college.
  12. I learned to ride a bike before my older brother did.
  13. I worked at a club in high school.
  14. My daughter has more freckles than me.
  15. I broke my piggy toe too many times (it no longer goes wee wee all the way home.)
  16. I had detention my entire junior and senior year of high school.
  17. My Fat Albert lunch box was stolen and smashed in first grade. I cried a lot.
  18. I danced to the beat of my own drum growing up and now I hear voices... is this a bad sign?
  19. I’ve been locked up in the big house.
  20. I love visiting old cemeteries.
  21. I lied once in college about being sick and didn't go to work, was caught at the mall by my boss over an hour away from home. Never lied about being sick again.
  22. I never dreamed of my wedding day as a little girl.
  23. I am an extremely emotional person.
  24. I do not share well with others (just ask Mark!)
  25. I've had two wedding rings, Mark's had three.
  26. I do not have any grey hairs and never have.
  27. I have ugly hands.
  28. I love to keep my toes painted, Okinawa pedicures are the best.
  29. I became a lifeguard at 15.
  30. My husband has turned me into a huge Ohio State Fan.
  31. I've eaten squid, but I refuse to eat jellyfish.
  32. I've not held a full time job in over a decade.
  33. My favorite flowers are yellow tulips.
  34. I fell asleep on a motorcycle once, maybe twice tops.
  35. I was a cheerleading coach.
  36. I wrecked my bike on the way to work one day, showed up all bloody and dirty. Still worked my shift.
  37. I starred in a television infomercial.
  38. I have a tattoo.
  39. I consider myself a pretty simple person, I am NOT high maintenance.
  40. I am married to my very best friend.

So is did I lie? If you think so, which one is it? Do tell....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gas Bombs

If you are a mother of boys, know a young boy or any man for that matter you'll appreciate this little story. Several neighborhood girls were in the backyard on the trampoline with Katie and Caleb this afternoon. Seth was busying himself with more important tasks (that's another blog entry!) Oh I forgot to tell you, most of the time I am known around these parts as Katie's Mom, sometimes Caleb or Seth's mom, and I am even known as that boy's mom. Now that the setting has been made lets jump right in, pun intended!
I walked into the backyard and a little girl came running up to me tattling.
"Katie's mom! Caleb farted while we were jumping on the trampoline."
Not sure what she wanted me to do about that, but my response was...
"Well, that's what boys do!"
A few minutes later I was taking some pictures in the 'back 40' and I hear bellowing from the belly of Caleb "Gas Bomb in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"
Insert very loud fart followed by a demonic giggle that will one day get that boy in a lot of trouble. All of the girls cleared the trampoline and ran away, giving to Caleb exactly what he wanted... A few minutes of girl free jump time!
Caleb... proud maker of the homemade gas bombs!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Boys Birthday Bash!

Hard to believe these sweet boys are 11 years old.
Below is a picture of all 7 boys, they made me a snowman... even posed for a picture. You don't want to know what happened to Frosty... they watch way too much MMA and fight shows on TV. They practiced on Frosty and each other, I am thankful no one needed to go to the ER or even whined about it, but poor Frosty never stood a chance against 7 tween boys!
Then two fightin' boys are the birthday boys! Can't even count high enough to tell ya how many times they knocked each other to the ground last night. So thankful they are best friends and keep one uppin' the other!
See... best friends! What you don't see is that right hand of Seth (that's outta the picture) had a snow ball in it, as soon as the picture was taken that boy walloped me with it. Don't worry I chased him down and tripped him in the snow!
Mark and I think this is the biggest snow fall we've ever seen in North Carolina. It was truly beautiful. The boys played outside for about 90 minutes and then crashed in the living room watching movies.

My poor rose bush... this is what snow will do to beautiful new buds.

Saturday morning waiting for all the parents to arrive. A total of 7-8 inches fell last night... perfect for snowball fights and snowmen!
This is the walkway from the front of the house to the rear, the trees were so bent over they created the most beautiful arch to walk under.
I loved it... until one of those snot nose kids with the last name Francis shook the branches and made the snow fall off....... on me!

A view across the street.

My birthday gift... Mark's home and he's shovelling the sidewalk and drive!
In case ya'll are wondering what happened to Katie. She wasn't tied up by her toe nails or duct taped in her room; she spent the night at a friends house! Having her own girls night out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daddy's Home...

It was pouring rain Friday night, and I mean down pours! We were all soaking wet by the time Mark got home, but we didn't care. Because it was well after dark and the rain was wicked we didn't get the "first photos", but we did catch a few inside the barracks! The first sign was hung on our front porch, the last sign was hung on the fence outside the maingate.
Welcome Home Mark!
We all missed you and love you intensely, and
we truly are Very Proud of YOU!

Monday, February 1, 2010

What a Ride...

What a Ride... our 5 Year Calendar. I decided not to buy one, I'll make my own. I like how it turned out, it's simple, probably a little too girly for my husband but he wasn't home yet to influence my decisions! I don't think he'll mind... he'll love planning our "Ride" together.It's not too large, it's about 5x7. Perfect to sit on the table or carry in my bag! I didn't do anything over the top, I was really looking at making it functional not hyper cute!
On the inside of the front cover is that famous quote...
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention
of arriving safely in a pretty well preserved body, but rather to skid in
broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ---WOW
-- What a Ride!" (Anonymous)

In 5 Years I hope this book is totally worn out, pages filled and memories made. Of course that will require lots of scrapbooking and the making of another "What a Ride" calendar!