Monday, February 22, 2010

Random facts... or not?

Since I've recently turned 40 I thought I'd tell you 40 random facts about me... but is one a lie? Do you think they are all true... you tell me!

  1. I was born on my grandmother's birthday.
  2. I cannot eat bananas, the texture grosses me out.
  3. I dreamt of being 6 foot tall, I didn't make it.
  4. I do not wear an engagement ring.
  5. I once had a checker board tan.
  6. I have a scar over 12 inches long.
  7. My dream car is a 4 door Jeep w/ a removable hardtop!
  8. I now work for my kid’s first babysitter.
  9. My wedding dress was made by my grandmother.
  10. I fell out of the back of my dad's orange Volkswagen van when I was little, he kept driving.
  11. I pledged a sorority my junior year of college.
  12. I learned to ride a bike before my older brother did.
  13. I worked at a club in high school.
  14. My daughter has more freckles than me.
  15. I broke my piggy toe too many times (it no longer goes wee wee all the way home.)
  16. I had detention my entire junior and senior year of high school.
  17. My Fat Albert lunch box was stolen and smashed in first grade. I cried a lot.
  18. I danced to the beat of my own drum growing up and now I hear voices... is this a bad sign?
  19. I’ve been locked up in the big house.
  20. I love visiting old cemeteries.
  21. I lied once in college about being sick and didn't go to work, was caught at the mall by my boss over an hour away from home. Never lied about being sick again.
  22. I never dreamed of my wedding day as a little girl.
  23. I am an extremely emotional person.
  24. I do not share well with others (just ask Mark!)
  25. I've had two wedding rings, Mark's had three.
  26. I do not have any grey hairs and never have.
  27. I have ugly hands.
  28. I love to keep my toes painted, Okinawa pedicures are the best.
  29. I became a lifeguard at 15.
  30. My husband has turned me into a huge Ohio State Fan.
  31. I've eaten squid, but I refuse to eat jellyfish.
  32. I've not held a full time job in over a decade.
  33. My favorite flowers are yellow tulips.
  34. I fell asleep on a motorcycle once, maybe twice tops.
  35. I was a cheerleading coach.
  36. I wrecked my bike on the way to work one day, showed up all bloody and dirty. Still worked my shift.
  37. I starred in a television infomercial.
  38. I have a tattoo.
  39. I consider myself a pretty simple person, I am NOT high maintenance.
  40. I am married to my very best friend.

So is did I lie? If you think so, which one is it? Do tell....

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