Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gas Bombs

If you are a mother of boys, know a young boy or any man for that matter you'll appreciate this little story. Several neighborhood girls were in the backyard on the trampoline with Katie and Caleb this afternoon. Seth was busying himself with more important tasks (that's another blog entry!) Oh I forgot to tell you, most of the time I am known around these parts as Katie's Mom, sometimes Caleb or Seth's mom, and I am even known as that boy's mom. Now that the setting has been made lets jump right in, pun intended!
I walked into the backyard and a little girl came running up to me tattling.
"Katie's mom! Caleb farted while we were jumping on the trampoline."
Not sure what she wanted me to do about that, but my response was...
"Well, that's what boys do!"
A few minutes later I was taking some pictures in the 'back 40' and I hear bellowing from the belly of Caleb "Gas Bomb in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"
Insert very loud fart followed by a demonic giggle that will one day get that boy in a lot of trouble. All of the girls cleared the trampoline and ran away, giving to Caleb exactly what he wanted... A few minutes of girl free jump time!
Caleb... proud maker of the homemade gas bombs!

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