Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Boys Birthday Bash!

Hard to believe these sweet boys are 11 years old.
Below is a picture of all 7 boys, they made me a snowman... even posed for a picture. You don't want to know what happened to Frosty... they watch way too much MMA and fight shows on TV. They practiced on Frosty and each other, I am thankful no one needed to go to the ER or even whined about it, but poor Frosty never stood a chance against 7 tween boys!
Then two fightin' boys are the birthday boys! Can't even count high enough to tell ya how many times they knocked each other to the ground last night. So thankful they are best friends and keep one uppin' the other!
See... best friends! What you don't see is that right hand of Seth (that's outta the picture) had a snow ball in it, as soon as the picture was taken that boy walloped me with it. Don't worry I chased him down and tripped him in the snow!
Mark and I think this is the biggest snow fall we've ever seen in North Carolina. It was truly beautiful. The boys played outside for about 90 minutes and then crashed in the living room watching movies.

My poor rose bush... this is what snow will do to beautiful new buds.

Saturday morning waiting for all the parents to arrive. A total of 7-8 inches fell last night... perfect for snowball fights and snowmen!
This is the walkway from the front of the house to the rear, the trees were so bent over they created the most beautiful arch to walk under.
I loved it... until one of those snot nose kids with the last name Francis shook the branches and made the snow fall off....... on me!

A view across the street.

My birthday gift... Mark's home and he's shovelling the sidewalk and drive!
In case ya'll are wondering what happened to Katie. She wasn't tied up by her toe nails or duct taped in her room; she spent the night at a friends house! Having her own girls night out!

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