Saturday, March 20, 2010

I got a Cruiser for Okinawa!

I've always wanted a cruiser (motorcycle type), but I am satisfied with this two wheel bike for the time being. From everything we've heard about Okinawa it's a beautiful place to ride bikes & everyone rides.
What were we to do? Mark and I didn't have a decent bike. The one mountain bike we had we hated to ride. It was so uncomfortable. All of the kids have outgrown their bikes so we had a family meeting and came up with a solution. Mom and Dad got new bikes. We bought one boys bike. They will share the old adult mountain bike and the new mongoose mountain bike. Katie inherited Seth's old bike. So all in all we purchased 3 new bikes. I have to say mine is the purdiest! It has a comfort seat, shocks and a purdy basket to put my flowers, milk, bread or possibly even my camera for those rides around the island. A picnic lunch sounds delicious doesn't it.
We took a long ride today with the kids, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. 75 degrees, Carolina blue sky's and a soft wind filled with the smell of Cherry Blossoms! My ride was smooth and effortless, just the way I like it. Even stopped at Dairy Queen for our first ice cream cone of the season. Mark led for a while and while I was picking up the rear images of "The Sound of Music" bicycle scene kept running through my head. Wish I had taken my camera we were certainly a sight to see, Caleb only ran into a minivan once! But don't worry we all had helmets on!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Serve Us

Sometimes I feel like I live a very mundane life. I drive the same way to school each and every day. The same route at the same time twice a day. I generally don't leave the house unless I have errands to run or girlfriends to see. There isn't much to explore in here in this town. But we do live in the Bible Belt, what does that really mean... churches on every corner, every denomination imaginable and church signs everywhere. I love to read them. Sometimes they are mundane too "CH CH... it isn't a church unless UR in it". That's old school. I must have read that sign a hundred times in my small Ohio town growing up. I've read a few interesting ones lately and I want to share my thoughts on them with you and get your opinions.

I've seen this message posted our front of a small "shopping center" church for several weeks now. It always catches my attention so there must be a message in there for me that I need to hear or understand. It reads "SERVICE is not spelled SERVE US!" This particular church is on my route I take twice a day to get my kiddos to and fro school. This week Katie read the sign, and asked me what it meant. I wanted her opinion first. In her little naive mind she said they trying to teach someone to spell. Laughing I said think harder! She later confessed that she wasn't sure but wanted to know more.

I've been contemplating that message for sometime. I'd love to know how the preacher taught this lesson. They aren't on the net and don't post their sermons like many larger churches do these days. It's left to my imagination. On one hand I think it means that when we go to church we are to Serve Him our God above and that we aren't in church for our own good warm fuzzy feeling but to serve and worship God Almighty. Then my head did a 180.

I took it a step deeper or maybe I've stepped off the deep end, but I also read it to say that the military serving our country are not just here to serve us, our own country. We (as a military family each of us serve our nation and our country) are all in the service. Serving our nation, our Marine goes off to war, but I am honored to stay home as serve. Serve my country by teaching our children values, morals and to serve others. The work ethic, value for education and compassion that I try desperately to impart in our children isn't for today, but also for tomorrow. When they grow up and pass these lessons on to their children, when they enter the work force or join the military or enter the ministry. We all serve our country in some manner, how have you served your country today? Your community, your neighbor, your children, your spouse?

This was a long rant, and had many bunny trails. There are probably several blog posting that I should elaborate on in this one scatterbrained post... but really what does Service mean to you... is it Serve Us or do you Serve others? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Multiplication Principle of Laundry

I am sure most of you have heard the story of how Christ multiplied 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed the multitude of 5,000. My 3 boys and girl can easily take a small laundry pile one day and transform it into Mt. Kilimanlaundrio or Mt. 4Everwashtheclothes or even Mt. Denali-of-laundry (because I am in denial of the amounts of laundry I do weekly!)

That being said I am here to share my story of laundry soap… and mama knows best. I grew up on Tide. I cannot recall any other laundry soap entering my home as a growing kid, teen or college student. Mom always used Tide.

When I look at this ad... it could so easily be my big brother and me. I had cute pig tails, and he always annoyed me! My mom even had a baby buggy like that for us!

I can be the blond in this ad too! If you've ever done laundry for the Marines coming out of the field... you know just how tough it is to get them clean!

I guess I better finish my story... where was I ... awwww yes!

Mom used Tide, so I used Tide… until someone suggested that I use another 'said brand'. They said it worked better and was less expensive. Since I was doing my deed to help the family budget I bought this other 'said brand'. I used this 'said brand' for over 6 months. Yes, I may have saved a few bucks, but it cost me in the long run. My clothes are dingy, and do not hold that fresh clean smell for very long. And yes I use fabric softener, dryer sheets and still no fluff, no sweet smelling sheets. My towels resembled crumpled cardboard… I was not happy.
So being the prodigal daughter I returned to the ways of my youth, the way I was trained up to go… I go with Tide. I’ve also discovered Tide Stain Release 2 in-wash booster! It has revived my clothes, brought them back from the dead dingy musty smelling hole they fell into! I am forever grateful.
I am sorry mom, I’ve returned from sinful ways I’ll forever be a Tide Girl and train up my herd to be faithful to the Tide.

Maybe I'll buy one of these t-shirts. It supports a good cause and I know the clothes will get clean!
Here's to You... Hoping you can get caught up on all your loads!