Saturday, March 20, 2010

I got a Cruiser for Okinawa!

I've always wanted a cruiser (motorcycle type), but I am satisfied with this two wheel bike for the time being. From everything we've heard about Okinawa it's a beautiful place to ride bikes & everyone rides.
What were we to do? Mark and I didn't have a decent bike. The one mountain bike we had we hated to ride. It was so uncomfortable. All of the kids have outgrown their bikes so we had a family meeting and came up with a solution. Mom and Dad got new bikes. We bought one boys bike. They will share the old adult mountain bike and the new mongoose mountain bike. Katie inherited Seth's old bike. So all in all we purchased 3 new bikes. I have to say mine is the purdiest! It has a comfort seat, shocks and a purdy basket to put my flowers, milk, bread or possibly even my camera for those rides around the island. A picnic lunch sounds delicious doesn't it.
We took a long ride today with the kids, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. 75 degrees, Carolina blue sky's and a soft wind filled with the smell of Cherry Blossoms! My ride was smooth and effortless, just the way I like it. Even stopped at Dairy Queen for our first ice cream cone of the season. Mark led for a while and while I was picking up the rear images of "The Sound of Music" bicycle scene kept running through my head. Wish I had taken my camera we were certainly a sight to see, Caleb only ran into a minivan once! But don't worry we all had helmets on!


Robin Marie said...

I want a bicycle so bad! Yours is soo cute :)

Jessica said...

Are you guys going to Okinawa next? Ive heard the diving is wonderful there. My husband and I are currently in Iwakuni. We hope to do a hop or two down there.

Scrappy said...

Your blog is terrific! Thanks for sharing it :-) Oh, and you will love the basket in the front. I have one on my bike and it is great for picnics and quick runs to the store.