Thursday, April 5, 2012

I may have to take a break from Facebook for a few days. Many of you have given up FB for lent and are just getting back on. Congrats to you but please see my heart and understand why I'll have a temporary hiatus.

There are posts, and I mean a lot of posts about "The Passion of the Christ". If you don't know it's a movie about the last days of Christ Jesus. It's extremely realistic and the truth as to the brutality of Christ's final days and hours. If you know me, my heart and my life you know that I have a very personal relationship with Christ and my heavenly Father. However, I personally cannot handle the movie or the photos from it. I've never sat and watched the entire movie. I've watched scenes from the movie and obviously screen shots of it. Once I sat in a church where they showed several clips of the movie. I cried and had nightmares for weeks.

My family has seen first hand the brutalities of war. Christ was at war for each and everyone one of us. I don't take that for granted but I can't watch it, I don't want to watch it. I know the sacrifices that Christ made for me, I thank Him daily for them.

I know the postings are to share what Christ has done, and there are many non-believers on Facebook. So go for it, but please know I've not deleted anyone. I'm not running away from my faith. I'm protecting myself and my family. Images like this have a profound effect our on daily lives. We don't live in a bubble, we don't turn a blind eye to Christ. It's really the opposite. We know that we know that we know ... the sacrifices of Christ, we know the hell He went through for us. He did so, so we don't have to live through it ourselves. Praise God.

I love you, and I'll see all of you on Facebook in about a week!

Potty Adventures!

I bet your thinking this is about my potty adventures! I'd never post such a private thing on my blog. However I will blog about Mark's potty adventures.

But first let me tell you about this photo! He's completely out of regs and doesn't care (vicoden was his BFF). He didn't shave or cut his hair for 10 days and this is what he looks like. He's ruggedly handsome! The best part, he's got a multicolored beard! He's got some reds, browns, and GREY hair in there! He's so stinkin' cute. The Apache hair on his head (a patch here a patch of hair there!) is also getting to look quite sexy with salt and pepper! (Thus the name fits... Mr. Sexy Pants!)

This is not what this blog post is supposed to be about!

Mark's got this great brace on! It's extremely functional when you go to the bathroom. Especially when you're in town. (notice he cut his hair, the above picture was taken yesterday, this was taken today!) He's still beautiful, cranky but beautiful!

So my love decided he need to go to the bathroom. He does his business and his arm with the lovely brace taps the buttons on the seat.

First, the seat warms up! Then he hears music, followed by a refreshing rinse of his hind end. He's scrambling to turn it off when suddenly he gets a free blow-dry.

The man may never go potty in public again! Or at least never sit down again...