Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hard to believe but it's true...

So you're asking yourselves, what's 'The WOW Factor'? It's when you write something on your blog share it with others and they freak out. Yep, freak out, post crazy comments, one up you, belittle you, and are what we call UGLY in our house. I never intentionally set out to write anything worthy of the WOW factor on my blog or anywhere else, but it happened. And I am certain or at least hopeful that it will indeed happen again!

When it first happened I kept asking myself... What should I do? I must have asked Mark this question a dozen times. I did take his advice and I did nothing. I didn't write a rebuttal or comment on other's comments. I kept quiet; and you know what... other people defended my heart. People who don't know me, saw my heart and stood up for me.

For all of you out there who are willing to see the heart of others

and support them I thank you.

Anyone wonder which one of my blog posts caused such a ruckus?

I'd love to read your comments.

I want to hear what you have to say so don't give it to me soft give it to me straight! I can handle it and I always know someone out there's got my back!


mstewart said...

WOW what Blog did I miss, I thought I cought all of them.

Scrappy said...

Ummmm.....I am in the dark. I have no idea what on earth you could have posted that got someone's panties in a knot. Sorry that happened, but it happens to me ALL THE TIME! Just be like a duck and let it roll of your back. You have a good heart and a great sense of humor. If people can't see that then I can't help but think you are not the one with the problem. Keep doing what you are doing. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Was it the one about deployments? I wanted to defend you sooo badly, but I thought that it would offend you to have what we call in our house "drama" on your page. But I most certainly heard your heart and knew exactly what you were saying in your post. Again, I thank you for such a wonderful, well written description of my/our life. :)