Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sorry Mom!

Mom... I'm so very sorry for the incredible stink I brought into the house from camping, soccer and just playing outside. I am jealous that you had (have) a basement to send us smelly kids into to change and remove horrid smelling clothes. Please forgive me...!

Karma smells bad in my house today. The boys just got home from the Klondike Derby. The great news is their troop took first place. The bad news is... I have to clean up after it. It's piled high in my dining room (aka mudroom apparently!) Oh the Laundry!

4 loads of laundry from 2 boys on 36 hour camping trip. How is that possible you might ask? Everything must be washed, 2 pair of shoes, 6 pair of socks (I don't think they are all ours since Seth admitted he wore the same pair the entire weekend!), 2 shorts, 3 shirts, 5 troop sweatshirts (only 2 are ours!) 3 pairs of long pants, 2 rain jackets, 2 sets of Class A Scout Uniforms (covered in mud) and sadly I found no underwear in the mix. Apparently is was also commando weekend!

Praise God for Tide! Let the washings begin!

It's a beautiful day so now all 3 kids are outside getting smelly again...calgon take me away!

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