Friday, January 7, 2011

How does one respond?

I just got back from picking up my mail. It's been a couple days since I checked it and my box was fuller than full. I got lots of Christmas catalogs and about a dozen Christmas cards. My heart filled with joy. I love getting cards and letters in the mail. I couldn't wait to open them all at home so I sat in the van opening them up one by one, gazing at photo cards, reading yearly letters and missing the states. Then I saw this one. It was one I had sent to a dear neighbor, Ms. Barbara, we had in Virginia Beach some 9 years ago. It was returned to me, labeled "Deceased". My heart suddenly felt heavy, I couldn't think. I couldn't move. What a sad way to tell someone that their friend from years ago was no longer sharing this earth with us. Ms. Barbara has battled and survived cancer twice, had two heart surgeries and was a strong vibrant woman of God. I had heard she had cancer again, but I honestly thought she would beat it again. She was a like an adopted Grandma to us. She babysat the boys while Katie was being born. A sweet sweet lady, with a tiny little dog that my 3 wee ones loved chasing after. She babysat for free just so Mark and I could have date night once in a while. She had a heart of gold and a warm spirit. I will always remember you Ms. Barbara and I look forward to one day sitting with you in heaven, looking at your garden smelling the sweet fragrance of all your hard work.

"Well done thy good and faithful servant, well done!"

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Oh that's sad to hear....