Monday, January 24, 2011


Observations on this fine Tuesday morning here in Okinawa...

At 7:55am when I took the recycling outside so K80 could take it to the curb I heard music. Not just any music, pretty music. We have a Japanese elementary school a little more than a stones throw from our house and sweetly piping from their indoor and outdoor loud speakers was "It's a Small World" sung in Japanese. Such a familiar tune, just what I needed today.

Moments later I walked with K80 to the curb carrying her Ripstik (you surely don't think I'll ever ride that thing) as she dragged the huge recycling can to the curb. I kissed her, said a short prayer for her and kicked her to the curb, literally! I leisurely walked home, it was a whopping 50 meters (remember we measure everything in metric here). Upon my lengthy journey this is what I saw...
Yep, a half stick of butter with a bite out of it. Does this make for a great breakfast or what?
A pair of yellow Crocs were delivered to our door the other day. I told the little girl that they weren't K80's, K80's are ORANGE (so we can see her at night) not yellow. I told her to take them home. Nope, she dumped them in my front yard. They've been laying there limp for several days now, today I asked K80 what size they were, obviously they weren't being missed by their owner. Nope, size 2, we wear size 4.5. Can't even adopt them. I left them there.
Our street is the mecca of crap. Since my castle resides at the end of the cul de sac and the wind blows this way and not that. All the trash ends up in my yard. You wouldn't believe what is laying around our court. In a weeks time I could completely dress a homeless person from a jacket all the way down to socks, underwear and now apparently New Yellow Crocs!
I think I shall purchase this sign and hang it up... think it'll do any good?

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