Friday, January 21, 2011

I was Lied to!

If you read my Facebook post the other day you know we had eggs and sausage for dinner. In fact my exact up date was ...

"wonder who the winner tonight will be... the one with the tiny egg shell that got away while making scrambled eggs for dinner!?"

Just in case you are wondering no one claimed the prize. But that is not why I am writing this entry.


After cooking this gourmet dinner the other night I have decided that my mom lied to me as a child. You see when I was growing up we'd have breakfast for dinner about once a week. Mom always made eggs and either sausage or bacon, never both and I don't make both either, that's what IHop is for! Mom would make the meat first then use the same pan and cook the eggs in it. She always told me that it made the eggs taste so much better. But I don't think so. Eggs have earned the right to be cooked in their own pan. If there is one thing that working endless hours on kitchen duty at summer camp has taught me, it's how to make scrambled eggs. Not to toot my own horn, okay what the heck...TOOT TOOT... I make some Rockin' Super Fluffy Light and Dreamy Scrambled Eggs, at least that's why my kids tell me. (see fluffy egg picture below!)But that is not the point, cooking eggs in the 'used' pan is yucky. I do not like the greasy taste or the flecks of bacon/sausage goo in my eggs. (see picture below) Being lazy the other night I did what my mother did, cooked the meat then the eggs in the same pan. Still don't like them that way, but I do know now why my mother does it. Bet you wanna know too... one less pan to wash! She could of just told me that, I'll wash the extra pan just to have Rockin' Super Fluffy Light & Dreamy Scrambled Eggs! I pledge to you (if anyone actually reads this) and my children I will no longer be lazy. I shall from this day forth cook eggs in their own pan and wash the extra dish... for eggs are deserving to be cooked properly!

No chickens were harmed in the writing of this blog... okay maybe just a few.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree! I don't like "meaty eggs" (what LJ used to call eggs cooked in the meat pan). I am glad to know that it's not just our house. :)

Dory Heesch

Mark said...

I love the way you cook the eggs! Sometimes I eat them with the bacon, so I can have a little taste of the meat and eggs at the same time, but cooking them seperate gives me that option. Your eggs have just the right amount of salt, milk and yummy egg flavor to a little piece of heaven on the plate! ...I am getting home-sick just thinking about them!

I love and Miss you Beautiful!