Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have a confession. I've been carrying this secret around for over 20 years and since my (cough cough) 40th birthday is just around the corner I thought it was high time I come clean.

College was a time of great memories, hard work and work work. I had, emphasis on HAD to work in college in order to attend college. My freshman year I worked an average of 15 hours per week at the YMCA. By the end of my senior year I worked 25 hours a week plus did a 15 hour a week internship (45 minutes away) and carried a full course load just to make ends meet. I didn't go out often, I do not remember one movie I went to in college, and eating a $5 pizza was a huge treat. I needed those quarters for laundry and an occasional Pepsi. In all seriousness I loved college and I loved working to pay for it.
While in college my dad sent me a very unexpected gift for my birthday. At the time I think he was trying to be a cool dad, and he sent me 2 concert tickets. I honestly can't remember what the concert was, only that is was in Columbus which was an hour away. I didn't have a car let alone extra money for gas and I couldn't afford to take off work to go. I didn't know what to do... so I sold the tickets. I needed the $30 I got for the tickets more than I needed to go to the concert. The tickets were worth $50, I felt horrible. I evaded talking to my dad for weeks. He finally got a hold of me on the phone, (back in the 90's there were no cell phones, we had one payphone in the hall that 30+ girls shared) and he asked how the concert was. I lied to him and told him it was pretty good. I didn't know how to tell him I needed cash more than concert tickets. I remember taking that $30 and spending it like it was gold. The Friday night of my birthday week a friend, Jeanne, and I walked to LJS (Long John Silvers) and I didn't have to buy a kids meal. I washed all my laundry that Saturday and treated myself... I used fabric softener! That $30 lasted quite a while, where that concert would have only lasted the night.
Sorry I lied dad, do you forgive me?


Scrappy said...

Sometimes when you write I feel like I am looking in the mirror at my own life! I had to work for my education to and am grateful for it. I know what you mean about finally being able to order something other than the "Happy Meal". I think your dad will forgive you AND if he is anything like most parents, if he knew you needed the money he would have sent you that instead of the tickets ;-) I would take laundry, softner sheets, and a meal out over a concert too! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

: "haha! Loved the new blogs... The one to your dad touched my heart...I remember quarters and wash days. I have never sold tickets to a concert, but I understand the rationale. I am sure your dad will forgive you!"

Dory Heesch