Saturday, January 29, 2011

Opps I slept at the movie theatre....

Today I took the kids to the movies. We met some friends there to watch the new Harry Potter film. I've never seen any of these movies and I haven't read any of the books. My kids however are beginning to. It all started with the these long plane rides from the states to Okinawa in August and then again back and forth again in December. There are only so many movies on the planes that are appropriate for kids. I finally gave in and allowed my kids to watch them. I had never allowed them to read the books or watch the movies for many reasons that I won't go into right now (maybe another post, we'll see).

So onto the movie, the first couple of scenes were quite graphic and creepy to me. I do not like movies like this. I continued to watch and tried to keep an open mind. Because I had not seen any of the previous movies I was completely lost. I didn't know the characters or anything about the movie at all. I have a tendency to bore myself to sleep when I am lost or confused. If I am taking a college class and the professor has lost me I drift off into lala land. If I am watching a movie and it bores me or I don't understand, out I go. I fall asleep in the car when I am the passenger b/c I don't have anything to do, and when I do pay attention to Mark's driving I go crazy. It's better on both of us if I just fall asleep. It's not always appropriate and sometimes this trait has gotten me into trouble. But I honestly cannot help it.

Today was one of those days, I tried hard. But I failed, I fell fast asleep about 30 or 40 minutes into the movie. I don't think I snored, at least Maureen wouldn't admit that I did. I got a good nap in and I felt much better after the movie was over. When I asked my kids about the movie, they said "they were somewhat lost but it didn't matter is was pretty good." Allow me to translate... they didn't like it. They did however all agree that the snacks were good!


Scrappy said...

I started to read the series back when it first came out and found it to be "dark". Years later I caught my kids watching the series on TV. I have watched all but the last one only because I want to know what my kids want to watch. We have had many conversations on these movies and our family has mixed reviews on them to say the least.

Mark said...

From my humble perspective, people should be exposed to things like this, kids especially, but then discuss what they watched. If it was simply entertaining (like Star-Trek, just something fun to watch) then there is really no harm done. We parents can help them take away teamwork or integrity or friendship or some other valuable life lesson the characters learn or failed to learn in the movie. We need to steer them in the direction of clean, pure, powerful thoughts and have those thoughts ourselves.

Semper Fi,