Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Day at the Parks....

Friday the kids had a half day of school! So what's a mom to do? Hit 3 different parks and play all day. We invited K80's friend, Emily, to join us. It was a BLAST! Here's a few photos and a video of our day out and about. Sorry the videos sideways... OPPS! These are the rollers on the roller slides. It's awesome, numbs your butt and fly down the slides! As K80 would say... "That's totally Whack!"

This is the first park we found on our isn't it! Don't you love K80's socks! I believe Santa brought her those... She's so funky cute! They ran from the bottom of each slide back to the top over and over again. Lovin' every minute of it. I bet your wondering why they are carrying cardboard. Simply put, 2 reasons. 1. Saves the pants from rubbing so much on the slide (wears them out quick). 2. Keeps the butt from getting numb so fast. It's just something you have to experience to understand.

Love the video, Seth was the only one brave enough to go down head first. I don't think you go as fast, his chest was fire red when he got to the bottom!

$25 spent at Subway for lunch + $6.25 in gas + getting lost and confused on Okinawa Roads = Priceless Day of Fun and Many Memories Made!


Scrappy said...

LOVE it! Wow! The slide rocks! Oh and Katie's socks are so cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you go down?!?! I so totally would have wanted to try it! Of course I am not sure how wide it is either....It would stink to get your hips stuck going down though;)