Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things I miss About the USA!

A simple list of things I've grown to miss about the USA.
  1. Chipotle's, mexican grill... more than Yummy... heavenly!
  2. A powerful hairdryer... I have the same one I had in the states, but the voltage is different here and everything runs a bit slower/weaker.
  3. Running to the store... there is no running to the store for anything. It's a long process b/c everything is in Japanese and you have to analyze the package to make sure it's what you really want.
  4. I miss my mail delivered to my door. I have to drive down these back roads about 4km (yes, and nothing is in miles here either!) go into another base to get my mail.
  5. Picking up the phone and calling my friends, especially my mom. When I want to chat or ask a quick question it's night time in America.
  6. My big living room and my own craft space. Enough Said.
  7. Hobby Lobby
  8. Michael's
  9. AC Moore
  10. and any other brick and mortal scrapbook store I can find!
  11. Sonic's Breakfast Burritos
  12. Frozen Coke Icees (Oh how I long for one of those! They are the MOST refreshing drink... insert tear!)
  13. I also admit I miss Mark's Mustang... he looked so stinkin' cute riding home with the top down.
  14. All my peeps in Jacksonville, miss you girls!
  15. Target
  16. El Cerro Grande... great Mexican place in J-ville. It was a our Sunday addiction. Unlimited Chips and Salsa goes a long way when you have boys with hallow legs!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with #5 on my part too! There have been many times when I have wanted to call and I look at the clock and figure up the time and it is abut 3am there:( I know we never got to visit much but it still seems worse knowing that we cant just hop into the car and make a trip to see you! I think this will definitely make us visit you more when you all are back in the states! So if you dont want to see us more stay in japan;)!!!!