Thursday, February 3, 2011

Say it Ain't So!

January 8, 2011 I posted this on FaceBook...

she, K80, has a "valentine's dance" at school. I told her she's only 10. She doesn't need a fancy dress. What will she have to look forward to in middle school and high school. So we went shopping. She picked out her outfit. A new shirt, a fudora hat (only cost us $25 total!). She'll wants to wear her old jeans and either her new silver boots or her chuck taylor shoes! I love that she's still a simple girl.
January 8 at 10:54pm
Now fast forward to today, February 3, 2011. I was at the Kadena Exchange birthday/Valentine's Day shopping. When I ran into two ladies whom I've never met but overheard talking. I butted my nose in (I'm very talented you know!) and discovered that their daughters are also attend K80's school and are going to the dance. And guess what... they are shopping for dresses. I also learned that many of the girls have dates and some of them bring their father's as their dates (I wonder if the boys bring their mothers? Hmmmmm). We have a no dating rule and that applies to going to dances with a boy/girl. Our opinion is that there will be plenty of time for that in high school. But honestly my heart broke when I learned that many Dad's do bring their daughters... Mark will still be gone.
I was so very proud of my K80 for being who she is and for going to the dance in a style that fits her and in a super cute outfit that she'll actually wear again. I was struttin' my stuff leaving the clothing department... so proud of her choice! Yeah ME! Yeah K80!
Fast forward a few hours... she runs through the door from Student Council and announced "she is not allowed to wear jeans or tennis shoes of any kind to the dance. She has to look dressy and nice. It's a Friendship Dance you know!"
~Insert a Moment of silence please while I mourn the loss of her cute outfit
and proud mommy moment.~
So that got me thinking will I see some of these at the dance...

I truly wonder how dressed up these kids will be. If girls have to wear dresses and no tennis shoes, do the boys have similar rules... like wearing a collared shirt and a tie?

Have I mentioned that the dance is exactly 7 days away... and I didn't notice any dresses that jumped out at me in the exchange! No time to order anything online so we'll go out into town and see what we can find. This ought to be interesting. Can I cry now? Don't get me wrong I live for the day to buy homecoming and prom dresses with my girl, but not yet. I'll have to buy shoes to go with the stupid dress b/c chuck taylors aren't gonna cut it. But if you know K80 she'll NEVER wear this outfit again unless I make her. Hmmmmm, guess what she'll be wearing every Sunday to church until she out grows it. (I have to add this... I bought K80 two dresses to wear in DC. She's outgrown them already, they are waaaaaaaaaaaay too short! That was 2 months ago.) I understand they want to make it special, but can they give a girl a bit more notice.

If you remember K80 is Student Council President, she shouldn't buck the system... or should she?

This reminds me of the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when the daughter is invited to a birthday party and the dress will cost $200+.
I recall my first babysitter for the boys, she's all grown up now and is planning her wedding for this summer! Yeah!!!! Anyway... she was tired of buying dresses for this dance and that dance so her senior year of high school she made a dress out of tinfoil and duct tape! Maybe K80 and I should do that... What do you think?
Any quick ideas for a rockin' K80 style dress with matching shoes, and I can't sew so it's duct tape or a hot glue gun... it's all I got!

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