Thursday, February 3, 2011

A day in the life of Pre-Teen Twin Boys...

Seth doesn't clear his breakfast dishes today. He left them sitting on the table. Yes, I could have rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher since I was going run it anyways. But I couldn't. He's been pushing it by not doing little things he knows he supposed to do. My plan was to make him wash them by hand when he got home from school. As a gentle reminder that he can't get away with this stuff.
They are now home from school. The boys beg for a snack. I tell Seth he needs to do his dishes before his snack. He willingly does them and apologizes for leaving them there. At the same time I was putting away the spatula he drops his bowl on top my special green glass bowl that was in the sink. I said "if you break grandma's green bowl I am gonna spank you!" and gently popped his butt w/ the spatula. Seth laughed.

Caleb said "Grandma's bowl?"

and I replied "yes, the green bowl, it was my cereal bowl when I was your age at Grandma Marge's house."

Do you know what that stinker said... "Man, that bowl's old!"

I wanted to beat him, I whacked his rear with the spatula as he ran outta the kitchen laughing....

My sophisticatedly mature reply... "Turd-burglar!"

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