Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Seth came running to the van today after swim team. His face beamed like I've never seen before. He opened the van door leaped inside and squealed "Guess What Mom?....
(he paused for dramatic effect!).... I sit second chair!"
"Wait what?! Second Chair! That's Fantastic!" I screamed. "Whooo Hooo!". I asked Seth how he found out. He's such a great story teller. He said ...
"Mom, I challenged today. I did my best, I really really did Mom! Then Mr. Knowles read through the list of who's sitting in each chair. Trumpets... First Chair (I don't remember who it was... sorry.) Second Chair... Seth! Mom everyone said... What! WOW! and Mr. Knowles kept reading. I was sooo happy Mom!"
I think Mr. Knowles didn't make that big of a deal out of it because Seth worked so hard for it. He totally earned that chair. I am so proud. He challenged right before the Christmas concert and went from twelfth chair out of fourteen to seventh chair. Now my boy sits second chair! My heart is sooooo big for that boy.
He's really becoming an amazing young man.
I honestly was giddy with joy for Seth. He's practiced so hard and is really learning a lot. He's been working on Taps and Reveille to also become the bugler for his scout troop. They are very difficult pieces for a first year trumpet player, but I think I hear very grumpy scouts being woken up by 'the Sound of Music' in the very near future!

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