Monday, February 7, 2011


We've been on island for over 6 months now, there are scooters everywhere. Flying down the white line scaring me to wits end. Most of the time even with the windows down you don't even here these little two wheeled road rats. I've come to have a love hate relationship with them. I've always wanted a scooter (it's my first step to a motorcycle you know!), but the drivers here are a bit more... ummm how shall I say it... psycho than I prefer.
Then Sunday came, what a glorious day that was. We found the Tortilla Factory, a fabulous Mexican place that is very similar to Chipotle's, and we saw many "real bikes". Here are two bikes I was able to whip my big camera out and take pictures of while driving down the street. Yeah, I could have allowed my children to use my camera, my favorite super great Nikon the best gift ever from my husband camera. But with the windows down I had visions of beautiful pieces of plastic and glass bouncing down the street getting run over by road rats trying to swerve around my precious Nikon. So in reality, you only have two pictures of the many big bikes we saw around island this weekend. I love this one, ready to hit the waves. I will stop and pull over the next time I see this bike and take a photo worthy of framing.
Then we saw these two trikes at the local Lawsons. They had horns all over the bikes. Which was rather odd since you are only allowed to honk your horn if you are in desperate need of the local Koban (police) or Kyuukyuusha (ambulance). These guys were great, I hope you can see them flashing us the famous Japanese pose you'll find in most pictures... the peace sign facing forward.

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