Friday, February 11, 2011

40 Years of Love!

Today was my fortieth birthday! What a day it was... K80 got me new blades for my scrapbook paper trimmer, which I desperately needed! Caleb got me a $24 gift card to the exchange (he loves giving me gift cards... when he was little he got me a gift card for my birthday... it was for 56 cents for the local scrapbook store in Virginia!). Seth he got me a small vacuum cleaner. If you know Seth at all you'll see the humor in this gift! My mom got me two fantastic camera strap covers. And Mark got me a beautiful Iris plant. I am so loved!

This is Junior all dressed up for her dance. She looks so grown up. Daddy better buy a bigger gun he's gonna need it in a few years.

My Junior and her freckles... she's gonna break alotta hearts... just like her daddy!
This is the best group of Student Council kids I've ever seen. These amazing kids made me a HUGE birthday card and had a cake specially made for me and presented it to me at the dance. They rock! I am a very blessed woman... thank you Bechtel Student Council members you made my day.

K80 rockin' it out w/ her peeps. Gotta love a girl with moves like that!

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