Saturday, February 19, 2011

Okinawa Marathon

Today is the Okinawa Marathon... what does that mean for you? Not much, but for me and my house it kept us from going to church. And at the same time it allowed us to sleep in and chillax today. I know many of you are wondering just why this changes our lives. Mainly because the route of the marathon is all over the entire island. They are running right past the gate to get in and out of our base housing. It was HIGHLY recommended to us to just stay home and enjoy the Sunday. So we did.
With 13, 000 runners headed down our street you trying getting out. The island is only so big so they have to run somewhere right. I admit I was a bit frustrated with this at first then I embraced it. This has allowed our family to truly relax. Not rushing anywhere, just sitting back watching the runners out our back door sipping my hot chocolate thinking to myself... thank goodness that's not me. They are running 26.2 miles and it's raining, what are they thinkin'? Didn't their mama's ever tell them to come in out of the rain?

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