Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 1992

A week (or so) after Thanksgiving 1992 I was driving back home from college for a "Celebration of Life" party. My friend, Jason Sprague, pictured above with me in '88, had just passed away from a severe asthma attack. I am blessed to say he was (is) one of my best friends and brother in Christ. I was truly in shock for weeks over the events that had taken place. I couldn't believe he was gone, I needed another conversation, another bear hug, just one more moment with him. I needed advise about Mark. I was falling head over heals in love and it scared me. Seriously scared.

It was over a month later that I heard one of the songs that was playing at his 'party'. It was as if he was sending me a message, having another conversation with me. The song "Go West Young Man" by Michael W. Smith was playing across the hall. I knew that night that the direction I thought my life would take was going to change to a completely unexpected road with a beautiful view. A life with Mark. I was very thankful that night, talking to God, hearing His voice, hearing Jason's voice talking to me telling me it's okay to take a new direction. It was His direction, His will for my life. I'm so very happy I took this road. Thank you Jason for one last conversation.

Today I'm thankful for following the will of God, even when society said it wasn't the most sensible thing to do, I did it anyways. Go West Young Man!

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