Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Extravaganza Francis Style

What a GREAT looking group of people... our family here in Okinawa. Believe it or not 7 people aren't pictured here in the photo that joined us. We had 39 amazing people share their Thanksgiving Day with us. We truly feel blessed!
Here's the spread of the delicious food. Sorry I didn't take any of the desert table. There were so many desert, and lemme tell ya they were superb! Hannah made my favorite pie... Pecan! I'm gonna beg her for another one for Christmas.

We played a little football. If you see there was 3 against 1. The reason... good odds huh!

We had lots of little peeps, like this one, my Sebastian. He's mine b/c he tells me no all the time. Just like my 3 and he's blond and fits right in with my crew!
Here's Mr. B, my other sweet little man. He's all smiles all the time, at least until I made him cry later that night. I'm such a mean Auntie! He loves me because I wear a necklace and he likes to chew on it. He loves me that's all the matters right!

Look at that little man sittin' on the table with is mama, Becca. She's a fantastic new mom and lil' Gabriel just loves to giggle. He's a whopping 11 weeks old. What a sweet potato pie he is! I could just eat him up!

A little chow time going on, the kids ate and ate and ate all day long. Come to think of it so did the adults. That's what Thanksgiving is all about right?

My sweet K80 havin' some ham, turkey, green bean casserole and of course her favorite STUFFING! (this is not a paid advertisement for Coca Cola, unless they want to send me money cuz I'll take it!)

We had a fantastic day. I really cannot describe how blessed we were with the company, the food and the wonderful fellowship. These peeps carried us through a really rough year, they stood in the gap for us, prayed for us, loved on us, watched our kids, took us to and fro the airports, cooked many meals for us and just loved us. I'm forever thankful for each of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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