Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful for Cheerleaders!

These photos are in reverse order so just pretend that you are watching/reading in rewind.

Great photo of the entire D-Now Weekend Group, complete with high school, middle school and all of the fantastic volunteers. Amazing as it sounds this is only about half the size of the actual youth group at the church.One of the Youth Leaders flipping upside down on the final zipline. Crazy young thing!

Jordan performing his turkey dance for us on the zip line!The first youth to do tricks. Never thought Joshua had it in him. He surprised us all with his daredevil feats of craziness! Go Josh! This is a view of the obstacle course portion of Forest Adventure from ground level. Well sort of ground level, it's down in a small valley that is sitting just below us. Once you climb up to the first obstacle you can take two routes. An easy route (which really wasn't that easy) or you can take the challenging route. This sent you on the Tarzan swing... you landed on this net. That you then had to climb to get to the platform. Everyone did this route accept Mark and I and one youth! Yes, the two old people of the group and the youngest youth member with us. It's all good, we all finished it!

This is the view from the highest point on the obstacle course, the final Zip Line! I took these photos. The view was amazing. I tried to take a photo in each direction. This one is looking down at the 'easy' side of the course.
This was the view over my right shoulder. Love the landscape of Okinawa, it's beautiful.

This is the best view, you see some of the course as it over looks the ocean . Not a great picture I know, but if you know me I was very much slightly overwhelmingly skerd so I was shaking like a wicked earthquake taking these photos!
Still standing on the platform for the final zip, here's the view down. You can barely see Mark's blue jeans standing out in the plush green grasses. It's a long ride!

Another view of the obstacle course!

Here's Mark walking on one of the many bridges from zip to zip. The first part of the adventure (not the obstacle course) is a zip line course. This is one of the many bridges we crossed to get to the next zip line.

Another great photo of my Mark!

We are officially half way through the zip portion of the adventure. Here's a partial group shot at the resting tent. Ice cold soda... ohhh tasted so good!

Every trail we went on we saw these signs. It was very encouraging to me the girl who hates snakes! Youth leader, Andrew said is was worning the Habu to stay away from us!

Mark again on a rope bridge. Have you noticed that you haven't seen any staff. You don't you get a 5 minute orientation at the beginning then you don't see them again until the obstacle course. That would never happen stateside.

Just another zip line with a few youth.

A view from the starting line. Do you see all the zip lines crossing the photo and the ocean in the background. Breath taking, and shocking. It was far more than I was expecting and so much more awesome.

I admit it. I was scared and if it weren't for Youth Leader Jenn I'd be still sitting on the course somewhere. The first climb/zip one was emotionally the hardest; the rest were more physically challenging. Jenn was my cheerleader. Thank you Jenn. (If you are wondering where Mark was, he was a head of me. Hard to cheer from across the valley on the other side of the zip line!)

Today I'm thankful for the cheerleaders we have in life. We all have them, but so often we do not thank them enough. I've been blessed with many of them, this weekend it was Jenn. Thank you!

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