Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's happening in Waikiki!

These past 10 days have been nothing short of amazing. In between all of the doctors appointments Maureen and I have been able to explore this beautiful island of Oahu. Since arriving here we've been able to experience or have learned many many things:

  1. Sitting by the pool and completely relaxing is truly a gift.

  2. We have laughed until tears have rolled down our cheeks, many many times! The Bible says laughter does good like a medicine! We've experiences some really good medicine. Seems we laugh all the time.

  3. A stop sign is a stop sign; it will never turn green to tell you to go!

  4. People honk their horns a lot.

  5. Saw Diamond Head, it's the most well known landmark ya know! (we didn't know that!)

  6. People are much nicer to you once they know you are medevac'd here for cancer!

  7. We saw a sea turtle at the beach just a few feet away... so beautiful.

  8. Almost peed our pants because of the thundering sound of the fireworks outside our hotel (which we didn't know was going to happen.)

  9. Drove all around the island from the North shore, to the south shore, to the east and west. The sights are breathe taking. God you did good, it's majestic here.

  10. Love love love that everything is open, doors, windows, walls of buildings... allowing the sweet fragrance of Hawaii to permeate every nook and cranny of our lives!

  11. Military discounts abound here, we are taking full advantage. Thank you Mark!

  12. We have eaten at some ... WOW... super delicious places: like Duke's, The Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs and McDonalds (love their fries nothing like them in Okinawa!)

  13. Sea kayaking is so much fun, especially when we go outside the boundaries to ride the waves. The "safety police" came out to yell at us on his paddle board. But in our defense they never told us we had boundaries we just knew we had to be "home" in a hour!

  14. Sea kayaking is very hard on the abs and back after surgery... I don't recommend it unless you don't want be able to sit, walk, sleep or lay down; the muscle cramping was unbearable.

  15. Sam's club is the Mecca of Slurpee lovers... they come GIANT sized! Yep I got one!

  16. Surfing is a beautiful art, one day I am going to take lessons and learn how do it. Just because I can!

  17. A girl can get spoiled with valet parking!

  18. The the humongous flying cockroach we saw in a parking garage scared us, then made us laugh and then made us thankful it was the only one we've seen.

  19. The World's Largest Marshmallow is out there you just have to look for it, get out of your hotel and explore. We haven't found it yet, but have found some other pretty neat sights.

  20. The GPS is your very best friend!

  21. Old men in thongs should be outlawed, and big fat hairy men (of any age) in speedos is a close second.

  22. But I love women comfortable enough in their own skin to try something new... like that group of ladies we saw learning to paddle board (they were all well over 55+).

  23. Most people come to Hawaii to shop for clothes and jewelry. We bought a frying pan (a big one you can't get in Okinawa), some 80's music, poptarts, Slurpees (lots of them), underwear (can't find my favorite brand in Oki or online), and let's not forget some "over the shoulder pebble protectors" for the little girl in our lives.

  24. Skype is a beautiful thing, it's the time difference that will drive you crazy.

  25. I miss my scrapbook store boy oh boy do I miss my scrapbook store.

Now I am off to the shower to prepare for another day of finding more scrapbook stores, Slurpee sipping, followed by chillaxin' on the beach!

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Anonymous said...

I had so much fun sharing these experiences with you. Hoping you and your mom can keep searching for that biggest marshmellow. Love you, Maureen