Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preparing for Surgery!

That's me with my crazy hair preparing for tomorrow's surgery!

Yep, tomorrow I will begin full time hot-flashes and mood swings. Yes, if you ask Mark he'll tell you I've had mood swings since we met but I beg to differ, I prefer to call them a woman's choice to change her mind! Tomorrow morning I arrive at Tripler and will come back to the Hale Koa on Sunday. I keep telling myself easy peasy lemon squeezy God's in control! Keep me in your prayers but even more so keep my mom in your prayers. She gets to take care of me and all my HOTNESS for the first couple of weeks! AND pray for Mark and the kids I know it's killing them to not be here loving me, taking care of me, and snuggling with me.

I miss them too; it's very hard to go through this without them.

I'll be back online as soon as I can. Mark will keep everyone posted the best he can... he rocks but doesn't post cute little pictures like me! Who knows maybe he'll post a great pictures of the kids... I miss them so much and I need a new picture of them (hint hint hint hint!, let's see if he gets the hint!)


Elizabeth Koproski said...

will be praying. and honestly, the hot flashes are not so bad. annoying, but not bad. and we can laugh at our friends when they go through it and we've already been there done that! you'll do great.

Scrappy said...

I hope you are recovering nicely! THinking ouf you guys! Hugs!!!!