Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seth's Last Visit....

All my children recently went to the dentist. Finally, only 6 months late, but who's grateful they got seen! I am I am I am! This is the first time we've had military dental (actually go to a dentist office on base) treat the kids. Seth had a female doc who usually only sees Marines. Can you say "Excellent bedside manners, with a dash of meanness tossed in!" Katie and Caleb both saw this cute young blond doc who specializes in the kids on base. Katie sat all dreamy eyed in the chair, needless to say he was male. Funny part, Mark had to take the kids to the dentist. For the first time Mark saw Katie truly blush over a boy paying attention to her, he wasn't happy. I thought it was funny, Katie was just giddy. We're gonna have some interesting teenage years around these parts! In the doc's defense I've met him and he has a wonderful personality that puts kids at ease in a very un-child-friendly environment. So kudos to that doc!

Both boys had the last of their baby teeth pulled (those stinkers just wouldn't fall out). Seth had 3 done in one day all on the same side of his mouth pulled. Remember he had the "nice doc". It went fine, he was a trooper but the doc sure wasn't cool like our dentist back in the states! We sure loved him. Being this was our last visit with the Tooth Fairy he got a bit of extra money and another poem. Here it is....

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

You have NO baby teeth

So the Tooth Fairy Owes you

Take this Yen

Buy something Fun

But always remember

Your Mom's #1!

xoxox the TF

P.S. Caleb was also treated very well by the TF. Katie is the only one left w/ baby teeth. (insert sad face b/c we have no more little ones around... no insert happy face b/c we get to keep all our space change now!)

PP.SS. Seth asked if the Tooth Fairy delivers for wisdom teeth! That boy I tell ya!

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Aspiras Wiife said...

LOL Seth...I never had any wisdoms so here's to wishful thinking!