Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a week for Mark!

When I was diagnosed with cancer we (Mark and I) decided that life was going on as normal and things weren’t going to change around home, as much as humanly possible life was just going to keep on the same. We didn’t want this to adversely affect the kids’ lives. When I left for Hawaii I told them that things will keep going the same as always but Dad’s home and will take care of you. Apparently I painted the picture pretty blurry or I wasn’t specific enough as to what normal might look like without mom home! Here is a tiny glimpse into my sweet husband’s week since Monday (it’s only Wednesday night in Okinawa)!

Monday: Boys up @ 6 out the door by 6:30. K80 up at 6:30 and dropped off at a friend’s house by 7-7:30 so Dad can be to work by 8. Boys home at 2:30 (starving b/c the school lunches aren’t big enough for preteen boys). K80 flops in the door at 3. Homework all around and then a paper route to complete.

Tuesday: See above now add… 8:30 am Mark gets a call from the school nurse about Seth’s ear. “it’s swollen and I can’t see in it. He needs to see a doctor!” Mark now has to call the doctor, let’s just say the customer service was lacking and Mark almost pulled the rank and my wife has cancer and is at Tripler card on this poor corpsman! K80 is on a field trip and then has to stay late after school for the Asian Fest rehearsal. Mark has to pick K80 early from rehearsal (teacher is now mad) so they can get to the band concert for Seth at the middle school. Oh Crap the papers haven’t been delivered yet. I guess that happened after the band concert. The kids ate at the food court and had milkshakes (according to them “Dad Rocks and is the BEST!” (I lost that status, so sad!)

Wednesday: See Monday and now add… 8:30 doctor appointment with Seth (he has a serious outer ear infection and is on drops twice a day!) The kids had a normal day of school as far as I know . All of the kids arrive home at normal time. K80 announces to dad that she needs a bunch of “FRUIT KABOBS” tomorrow for the Asian Fest. That reminded Seth that he needs 2 dozen cupcakes for Friday; followed quickly by Caleb chiming in that he needs “DIRT” for Friday as well.

Mark almost lost it. He called asking where the “superwoman” cape was in the house b/c this is crazy. He asked the kids… “Do I look like Mommy? Do you suddenly think I can cook? K80 you’re somehow getting this fruit-on-a-stick stuff and boys you’re getting donut holes or something I don’t know what!” I love my husband. He always makes me laugh. I felt so bad for him. He’s having such a crazy week, and it’s ONLY Wednesday!

Oh Yeah I forgot to tell you… we (Okinawa) are getting a direct hit from a Typhoon this weekend. So he has to batten down the hatches, square away work plus make fruit kabobs, and buy donuts. I love my man in uniform… He’s not just a Marine, he’s SUPER DAD!!!!!!!!!!!

(I was too afraid to ask if the kids were taking baths, brushing their teeth or wearing clean clothes.What a mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her right!)

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