Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update... In Hawaii

I am so sorry not to get on here sooner! I've just gotten back to our room tonight, we left at 8am this morning. After several doctor appointments w/ multiple doctors (all which are AMAZING!), lots of lab work, CT scan scheduled and more followup appointments scheduled I have some news. They are going to do a open surgery on June 2. It's a little bit more extensive surgery than previously expected. I will have to remain here on island for 4 weeks. Unless something crazy creepy is discovered in the CT scan and during surgery I should NOT need Chemo! YEAH PRAISE GOD! I will have to be monitored every 3 months for the next year, every 6 months for the next 2 or 3 and then yearly until I am toooooo stinkin' old to count! I will be able to have some testing/monitoring on Okinawa and then maybe twice a year or yearly here at Tripler (Hawaii). This is fabulous news. I definitely wanted surgery a bit earlier in the week but they promise I'll be ready for my trip in July. I'll have 4 weeks from the time I leave Hawaii to prepare for Alaska! I have to be pretty healed to even leave here so I am beyond tickled. Not exactly my first choice of surgical operations but I can still get this all done. It's all in God's hands.

I am not exactly sure at this moment who is coming to stay here w/ me for the remainder of my 4 weeks. I'll figure this out come Monday when the offices on base open up,and Mark and I can talk in more detail and we make some big decisions.

Thank you for the prayers keep them coming. So blessed by these doctors and staff here. Tripler is amazing and so very very helpful. Keep Mark and the kids in your prayers too. I've got it easy. Mark's got all of the kids programs, school functions, scouts, sleepovers, laundry, cleaning, and cooking (okay burning eggs and charbroiling tomato soup!) PLUS going to work everyday. He's a wonderful wonderful man... I thank God for him daily! I love you Mark!!!


Scrappy said...

This is Fab news! Praying for you and your family.I am also sending you a PM over at FB!

Elizabeth Koproski said...

sounds like good news! I'll be praying for *no suprises* when they get in there. Yay for no chemo.