Sunday, October 16, 2011

Really... Seriously... You're Joking Right?

So Friday, with much running around I was able to change our PCM (Primary Care Manager aka our doctors). Since we moved it's just a lot easier to change doctors and not drive 40 minutes to our in one of the busiest offices on the island. So to Lester Family Practice here we come. (It's only 10 minutes from the new house, it's super convenient and it's next to the hospital!)

I fill out all our paperwork and then head over to the offices to make a follow up appointment for myself. As I look through the paperwork they gave me at the Tricare Service Center I see that we all have the same doctor. I think... Perfect... Continuity in Care. I love it. Upon making my appointment I discover that our family doctor is now an OB/GYN. And I think to myself... really my 12 year old boys need a girlie parts doctor? My 11 year old daughter needs a girlie part doctor. I think not... Shoot I don't really need a girlie part doctor b/c I don't have any girlie parts left. But I don't have time to change it today... my prayer is when we do ever get sick and actually need to see a doctor they will see the error of their ways, a girl can hope right!

Thankfully my NEW PCM wasn't available for my follow up appointment. So I'll just see another doctor... let's hope and pray it's not a Proctologist!

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