Thursday, October 27, 2011

Am I in over my head?

This week has been Ubber Busy and 10,000 things going on at the same time.

Monday night I had a Battalion Christmas Party planning meeting (I'm the committee chair), and the boys had Scouts. Mark worked late. Not too bad of a day, kinda normal actually!

Tuesday, I had a conference call and did training for work (approx 6 hours during the day). That night I had a MOPS Steering Team meeting and Mark was supposed to go to the D-Now Host Home meeting (he worked late again, missed the meeting and got home at 9pm) What was I thinking?

Wednesday, I had fasting labs at the hospital by 8am and was on the podium teaching from 12:30-4pm. Raced home to shove leftovers into the kids to fly out the door by 5:15 for Youth Group. (Mark did get home early and helped the kids with homework... I love him!) What was I thinking... leftovers for dinner that will not qualify me for the MOTY Award ... mother of the year!

Thursday, I taught all day from 8-4. Got home to finish up homework when I realized that we are the Grub Masters for the Scout camp out this weekend. We jetted out the door where I made a gourmet meal at Subway, headed into the commissary at 6:30 with all three kiddos. What was I thinking? Hitting the commissary to purchase a weekends worth of food for 25 people 30 minutes before the commissary closes. It was pure chaos in there! (Dear Lord, please remind me to Gib-slap my boys if they volunteer again for Grub master on a week that I work! Amen) BTW: Mark's still at work, expected home around 10pm!

Tomorrow... Good Ol' Friday, I teach again from 8-4. The boys need to be at the Scout Hut (30 minutes away... 40 minutes on Friday night traffic) at 5pm with the 15 bags of food purchased for the camp out! What was I thinking? I will need to extend the wings on the Red Baron (my marvelous minivan) to spin around and return to home base 45 minutes later to get Junior to the dance that starts at 6:00... that I am also chaperoning! What was I thinking? The dance ends at 8, and guess what? I agreed to let K80 have a sleep over... Again... What was I thinking?

I may have also failed to mention the my class is meganormous with 49 Marines/Sailors in my there. That's a large class on a normal basis, it's super meganormous for my first class. And I'm supposed to give individual attention to each student... yeah right! What were THEY thinking?
I do love being in charge of the clicker. Yep, I have a PowerPoint clicker complete with a laser pointer. I feel so powerful, however my feet are quite angry with me. I have no less than 4 blisters on each foot. I tried to break in my dress shoes, they are flats afterall, but my my poor old feet can't handle them. They are screaming at me. I think I need a bucket of ice water. What was I thinking? I'm not cut out for career clothes and pretty shoes. I'm a jeans, t-shirt and flip flops kinda girl!

This week has surely challenged my choice to go back into the traditional workforce. It's been a hard week. I've asked myself about hundred times a day... "What was I thinking?"

Then I am reminded in my heart that God led me to this position. He opened the doors for me. He'll never give me more than I can handle, but I do sometimes think...
"What was God thinking? I'm not as strong as He thinks I am...!"

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