Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Day @ a Slide Park

Random photos in no particular order that paint the picture of our half day of school last week. So sit back, open your heart and fall in love with the friends we have here in Okinawa (and my kiddos too!)

This is my boy, I call him Bubba, Mr. B, and of course his given name Bennett. He's my Michelin Man. You can't get enough of him I'm tellin' ya he'll melt your heart. His new thing is he snorts, and you'll seriously bust out laughin' if you get the chance to hear it. I could just squeeze him right now!
My Hannah and her Miki. You'd never know it but Miki really loves the slides. She didn't get her nap so she was almost asleep.

Caleb my man.... "That's how I roll mom!"

This is my Miki... She's so stinkin' cute. She's in her school uniform. She attends a Japanese Montisori school. Gosh I love this girl... she's like kin to me, one of my own.

Here she is again, you can see a glimpse of K80's hair. Miki adores K80. They are like two peas in a pod.

K80 and Katelynn. Yes, two Katie's. When you call at least they both answer.

Loves this... Miki's revving up the whale like a motorcycle. She's definitely a go getter!

The crew at the zoo, not really the zoo. But aren't they cute on the weiner dog!

Flowers for mommy, not Auntie. It was okay b/c I got the photo. Gotta love sweaty curls!

My Junior. She's such a heartbreaker. Don't tell her I said that, but boy howdy is she a cutie patootie!

That boy needs a haircut. Someone tell his lazy mom to take him to the barber! Love that smile, it reminds me of his dad's!

K80 and Katie again.

Seth took Miki down the roller slide. He's such a great kid! How many pre-teen boys do you know who are willing to ride a slide w/ a 3 year old. My boys do... Gosh I love 'em!

Caleb's waving reassuring Miki's mama that she's well taken care of. Did I mention I love them boys!

This is Mr. B and and Miki's mama. I know she's cute too, and has those amazing curls. No I'm not jealous, okay yes I am, but that's only because I'm stick straight hair lady!

(wondering why I'm not in any of these photos... someone has to be the photographer)

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