Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our International Swim Meet

Just a few photos from our first international swim meet at Gushikawa Swim Club. There were two other local teams plus ODST from base. It was a small indoor 25m pool. The parents were not allowed on the deck and it had a small viewing area behind glass that approximately 200 parents tried to watch through. Everyone wiggled up to the front when it was their child swimming and then moved to the back so others could see. It was a neat experience.

The first photo makes Caleb look so old, and the second one I love that he's got his eye on the gun. Two of her favorite things, swimming and gun in one place. He's so stinkin' cute!

Seating was limited, ours sat on the floor. DSi's are huge over here. Japanese kids play them as much as our American kids. They make for instant friends! This little boy couldn't keep his eyes off the game. Everyone shared and took turns and no one needed to speak a word. It truly was an adorable sight to see. The parents of both countries talked about it, recognized and took pictures of it. If you look closely at the little boy he has something like belts on his legs just below his knees. We see a lot of children wearing these, and we have no idea why!
Everyday truly is an adventure here and we love it!

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