Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best Gifts Ever

What have been your best Christmas present ever? In this and at least the next post I'll share my favorites with you. But I'd love to know what tops your list of the best gifts ever.

The first set I want to share is from you guessed it, my mom's family! We are a unique bunch and I am blessed to have grown up with such great women in my life. My grandparent's (on my mom's side) had 4 daughter. I've spoken before about them and I am certain I'll share more about them in the future for now it's about the gifts.
Through the years I've come to look forward to gift giving holidays in my family, here's why!
  1. My grandmother got a handgun, YES A GUN, one year for Christmas from her daughter, my Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat bought it for Grandma Alberta b/c she was tired of hearing her complain about the cats getting the birds in her yard.
  2. Grandma Alberta made a lot her gifts. She made me the best Barbie clothes one could ever imagine. She had including camping gear, my Barbie's had sleeping bags and even pedal pushers!
  3. Uncle Bruce had carved me a pendant when I was about 10. I found it before we moved; it brought me right back the the smells and sounds of Christmas at Grandma's house.
  4. Grandpa used tape, a lot of tape. It became tradition that everyone brought pocket knives to Christmas because we had to have them to get into any gifts that Grandpa wrapped. It was his signature. Today my children have inherited his addiction to tape (we now hide the duct tape!)
  5. Aunt Pat would always buy me the latest fashions (when I was really young she made them all!) from blouses to purses I was a total fashionista after Christmas.

My favorite memory is when we'd arrive at Grandma's house mid morning. We'd all sit around opening one gift at a time literally spending all day opening presents. Laughing and snacking all day. We only took breaks for the potty, to refuel the fire and to get more cookies! Christmas with the family is the best. Laughs and memories of the past have carried me through many hard holidays. To my family, thank you for unforgettable Christmas memories, creating unbelievable magic and a legacy that is an honor to carry forward.

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