Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How do I know my kids are home?

This is why... empty toilet paper rolls. You think I am kidding. It's no joke. If you have kids and haven't empty your bathroom trash lately... get up right now and go look. I bet there are at least 3-5 empty rolls sitting in the trash basket. It's crazy. Another tidbit or two of information that you may not be aware... 1. Charmin has the thickest/strongest toilet paper centers! 2. Toilet paper rolls are recyclable over here in Okinawa!This is NOT how many we've gone through this Christmas break, but I have had to bust into a second 12 pack last night... so that's about 13 rolls used in 11 days!
Another funny thing... as Junior and I were at the PX yesterday, I overheard a young military wife (she was like 21) say to her friend, wait I need more toilet paper. Her friend replied... "you just bought 4 rolls at the commissary last week!"
The response was "I know, what's going on?"
In my non-pushy loving voice I invited myself into the conversation.
I asked "Do you have kids?"
"Oh, then your husband is home on his '96' and is using it all up!"
Their mouths hit the floor.
"How did you realize that?"
I simply replied...
"experience my dear experience...
17 years of empty toilet paper rolls on holidays, breaks and liberty!"
They giggled in a 21 year olds way and skipped off probably thinkin'
'OMG she's old enough to be our mom!'
AND...If I were a GREAT mom and my kids were still young (middle school is NOT young in case you didn't know!) I would come up with some super dooper outta this world craft they can make using these cylinder cardboard pieces of plenty. But I am not super mom w/ lots of ideas nor do I have wee ones, I am a selfish mom who wants to be crafty today.

Just in case you are wondering, my craft skills today have been reduced to washing and folding laundry, and putting a bike basket on a bike, emptying the trash, weeping over my messy crafting table and kicking kids outta the house to play in the sunshine!
It's 75 degrees here today!

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Scrappy said...

I can so relate! I bought a 36 pack in the middle of the month at Costco and we have two rolls left! LOL! Of course we also had five extra people here for a week for Christmas. Oh, and does your family switch out the rolls or are they like mine and leave the new roll on the back of the toliet?