Monday, November 1, 2010

Everyday Life in Okinawa....

These are just a few pictures taken over a couple weeks span... regular life in Okinawa!
These signs line the fences that surround our bases over here. This one is just outside of the base we live on... it's just part of life.
This place hasn't opened up yet. It's just outside the gate from where Mark works. I can hear it now, gotta go into work. I've got a working breakfast! America might have IHOP but we've got OHOP!

Don't ya just love these... their birthday candles in Kanji! I love 'em, so so cute! I have no idea what they say but I think they are so adorable and I've never seen any candles look like these!

Japanese payphone! So cute... I really want one for my home and to bring back to the states!
This is a kids meal in Japan! Yep, a little bit of a lot of different foods. In reality that's how many of the dishes are over here. This particular one is much "Americanized" for us! The empty bowl is for the ice cream bar, many restaurants have those! Yep, Mark's in HEAVEN! Take a peak at the little hot dogs cut to look like little octopus. Shrimp prawns are also very popular, K80 and Caleb love them; Seth not so much.

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