Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wonder where...

This morning Mark and I were listening to the strange sounds coming from our daughter, K80. Not that we have another daughter but just wanted to make it clear it was indeed K80. Since the day she was born she has made noise. Believe it or not we had a fairly quiet house until Junior came on the scene. She's babbled since birth, once she learned to talk with real words she started chatting with anything and everything whether its a living breathing object or just a stuffed bear named Courtney! She talks nonstop. When she turned 2 she began to sing and talk herself to sleep, sometimes this would take hours. I guess she had a lot to say, it was scary though when she'd answer herself. This hasn't slowed down at all. She talks to herself, to the walls, to her homework, even to the boys (although I think the walls listen more!) I love it when she talks and tells stories and not one person is listening to her or paying attention and then gets mad when we aren't "up to speed" on things in her life. Don't get me started on what happens in the shower, singing to the top of her lungs (when the door is closed and the shower curtain is pulled she doesn't think anyone can hear her!). I really ought to record her and play it back to her on her prom night, or wedding day or when her own daughter is displaying such odd attributes!

Today was no exception, the girl was carrying on a conversation with herself and then starts to jump around singing and dancing to some weird crazy teenie bopper music (I've always wanted to say that, I sound motherly now don't I!). Mark looked at me and asked "Where did this one come from?"

I could not lie, "it's all me babe! It's all Me!" I remember standing on the side of the bathtub buck naked using my towel as my cape screaming "Captain CAVVVEEE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" jumping down onto the floor just as hard as I could to make the whole house shake. Never once did I hear my mom yell at me, or punish me for being weird.
In my teenage years I was hip cool and trendy with my totally awesome outta this world walkman! I recall standing at the sink, doing the dishes listening to Def Leppard (w/ my earphones on!) singing "Pour some Sugar on Me!" at the top of my lungs. All the while my mom's trying to watch the nightly news with Tom Brokaw. I remember her yelling at me once, but that's it. Trust me people I do NOT have a good singing voice, I am certain the dogs were howling all over the neighborhood and didn't stop until I went to college! In fact, two years ago when we were home visiting, I heard the dogs. I listened more intently, yep, Junior's in the shower up stairs singing away. No worries, it's all quiet now in Ohio, but you can hear the howling in Japan!

Okay, I totally like wow, like completely admit this, like okay, are you diggin' it... I was a slightly abnormal strange kid, I had great little quirks about me. I was different and I wanted to be different than everyone else. I don't know if I went out of my way to be different, God just made me that way. And I am so happy He did. I like being me, I love the crazy wacky personality that I have and it's a blessing to be able to pass on this outgoing fun loving gene to my children, especially my Junior, K80. The boys, they are a bit more reserved, they get that from their father... NOT! It's okay though... we enjoy being the TheFrancisFreakensteins!

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