Monday, October 4, 2010


Today we had to show up at ortho bright and early. It's first come first served here in our ortho clinic and the doors open at 7:30am. We left at 6:40am hoping to arrive by 7:15. We were late, arrived at 7:30 sharp. Yes, it can take 50 minutes to get to the ER/hospital from home! There was a long line. I was skeerd... seriously thinkin' we won't get outta here until noon. They called us back within minutes. We were lined up like inmates... 4 kids with broken arms all lined up on beds w/ trays waiting to be casted. Oh I also forgot to mention the Marine Sgt. with a broken arm who was also lined up with the 6-11 year old kids! Corpsmen follow the docs in ready for their assignments. And just like that we were outta there.
K80 so badly wanted the tie dye cast they had on display. We were told, "that's for display purposes only, we only have solid colors!" My instant thought, how many times are they asked for that cast, why don't they remove it or cover it up... it really was super cool lookin'! So, whats a girl to do... she picked hunter orange! It's beautimus... I sent her to school w/ strict instructions not to allow anyone to sign it before me!
She obeyed wonderfully and I made my mark... K80Rox! She loves it too! I figure by tomorrow afternoon she'll have approximately 10,000 signatures and she will have also fall in the dirt and it will no longer be this pretty.
(in case you are wondering how I know the last sentence to be true... this is the third time K80's broken this arm! History tends to repeat itself!)

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