Monday, November 1, 2010

Doctor Fish...?

Yep, bet you're wondering what that title is all about; you are about to find out!
Okinawans love a good pedicure and one way they keep their feet so soft and supple is by going to the Fish Doctor. We went to one in American Village a few weeks ago! It was ALL Mark's idea, I've wanted to try it since we got here but figured I would have to go alone or w/ girl friends. Nope, Mark too me, and he did it too! You place your feet into this little pond and the fish (called Garra Rufa look like miniature carp!) eat the dead skin off your feet! It doesn't hurt at all, it's quite amazing. Tickles a little bit but not bad, and boy does it make a difference. So when you come to visit be prepared for a trip to the Doctor Fish!
Yummy... It honestly reminds me of Camp Koinonia, we used to rest the soles of our feet at the surface of the first pond and the fish would come "kiss them". I now know they were really giving me a high priced pedicure, and if I remember correctly my feet rocked the flip flops all of those summers at camp!

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or are they swarming your feet and just "nibbling" on Mark's?!?!